Top Trending Halloween 2019 Costumes

It’s that time of the year again, candy, costumes and creepy houses as far as the eye can see. Ready or not, Halloween season is upon us, and as families across the nation search for the perfect costume, Google’s analytics tool Frightgeist has unveiled the top trending costume ideas of 2019.

Couples looking to dress up together might appreciate the top costumes for couples, which include Adam and Eve, Mario and Luigi, and even Sonny and Cher. Meanwhile, group costume seekers are on the hunt for costumes based on Stranger Things, Star Wars, and the Powerpuff Girls, to name a few.

Get inspired by these costumes, or use this list to avoid the most popular looks of the season so you can stand out that much more!

1. IT

Excellent makeup and costume of Pennywise the clown from Stephen King's IT
Pennywise the clown from Stephen King’s IT.

The recent release of IT: Chapter Two in September has resulted in a resurgence of sightings of Pennywise, the evil clown who just loves terrorizing Derry, Maine. This frightening horror movie baddie is appealing to guys, gals, and even some children.


2. Witch 

Witch costume for women with a broom included
Source: AliExpress

The eternal classic is back again, just missing out on the top spot. With so many versions of this timeless costume floating about, expect to hear “double double, toil and trouble,” around every corner this Halloween.


3. Spider-Man

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in the Sony film
Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home swung into theaters in July 2019

As Marvel continues to produce jaw-dropping films left and right, the web-slinging hero is as popular as ever. Hollywood darling Tom Holland has brought a fresh face to Peter Parker for Sony and Marvel. Meanwhile, 2018’s Into the Spider-Verse burst onto the scene, inviting new fans to the series with the introduction of Miles Morales & co. and animation that was an absolute feast for viewers’ eyes.


4. Dinosaur

Inflatable dinosaur costume worn while riding a bike

When Jurassic World took us back to the Cretaceous period in 2015, it also introduced the now-ubiquitous inflatable dinosaur costume, in both adult and child’s versions. It continues to be very popular today thanks to a flood of memes, gifs, and videos.


5. Descendants

Mal, daughter of Maleficent, costume for young girls
Mal, the daughter of the infamous Maleficent, known for being sneaky, smart, and downright ruthless.                    Source: Chasing Fireflies

The premiere of the third Descendants film in August 2019 proved that the Disney Channel trilogy has staying power and a strong following with adolescent audiences.


6. Clown

Classic clown costume, complete with rainbow wig, gloves, horn, and oversize shoes.
Clowns. You either love ’em or hate ’em.

It’s hard to say if so many people would have such tremendous fear of clowns if it weren’t for Pennywise, but the nightmarish clown is so intertwined with Halloween these days that even regular clown costumes are experiencing a spike in popularity.


7. Fortnite (Drift)

Drift costume from the popular videogame Fortnite
Source: Pinterest

Ahh, every parent’s true nightmare come to life: the time-sucking, obsession-inducing world of Fortnite has seeped into costumes too, with exclusive “skins” like Drift from season five of the game topping the list.


8. Chucky

Chucky costume with mask, from Party City
Source: Party City

Toy Story wasn’t the only toy-based movie series that returned to the silver screen in 2019. Child’s Play effectively ended the 21-year gap between films for Chucky, who was back to his murderous ways in the film released in June of this year.


9. 1980s

Woman wearing 80s costume with pink heels and glitter galore
Source: Discount Halloween Costumes

That’s right, Gen Xers and young ones alike are pining for the gigantic hair and jazzercise era that was the 1980s. Stranger Things 3 has only fueled the flames of passion for this iconic era known for Prince, David Bowie, and a childhood spent outside. 


10. Unicorn

Female unicorn costume for adults, with unicorn headpiece
Source: Amazon

A long-held symbol of fantasy stories everywhere, the unicorn rounds out Google’s list. This magical creature is perfect for kids and adults alike!

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