The Perfect Haunted House

haunted house

TRICK OR TREAT! Halloween is around the corner. Are you contemplating whether or not you want to take the time to decorate? Below is a list of 6 easy decorations that will make your house feels as haunted as ever.

  • Web with Spiders – Front Door Entrance 
    • For added touch you can add pumpkins and candles. 

  • Zombie Apocalypse – Outside the Guest Bathroom 
    • Make it them work their way through the zombies to get to the bathroom.

  • Beheaded Figure – Garage Door 
    • Stuff the clothing with paper towels, old newspapers, cotton
    • Splatter red pain on the garage door

  • Skeletons – Exterior of the Home 
    • Have them climb up and down the house.

  • Electric Chair – Dining Room 
    • Making dinner more exciting by placing this item at the head of the table.

  • Scary Window Cover – every window of the house
    • Turn on a light at night time so there is a reflection for the outsiders to see





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