Shoes, Suits, and Superb Real Estate

The one and only Tom Ford is selling his New Mexico mansion for $75 million. Yes, you read that correctly $75 million. After looking at the photos you will understand why! The fashion designer and his significant other purchased this piece of land (20,000 acres) back in 2001. The purchase was so low key that no one really knows how much money was spent.

What does a property sitting on 20,000 acres look like? First, it takes a few miles to get from the gate to the front entrance. You enter the home and you go down a long (really long hallway) that has glass windows that overlook the entire backyard. Hidden in the middle of nowhere, Tom Ford wanted to surround himself with horses, so he constructed an 8 stall horse barn. When fashion week is over, he can invite as many guests as he wants. If the bedrooms in his house aren’t enough, guests can sleep in the two private guest’s homes on the property. If all the rooms are occupied, they have the opportunity to sleep under the stars. The amount of space is limitless. In order to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, the designer wanted to include a tennis court. 20 acres of land is great exercise, he can jog different parts on a daily basis.

Superb Real Estate is a part of the title because Tom Ford and his life partner have properties in different parts of the world. Paris, London, and New Mexico are just a few on the list. The couple is planning on purchasing a home in Los Angeles, CA because they spent an excessive amount of time there.


Photos by Kevin Bobolsky Group

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