27 Things That Every Dream Home Needs

dream home ideas

dream home ideas

So, it’s Superbowl Weekend and parties are in full swing; but what if football just isn’t really your “cup of tea”?  Well, we are happy to report that we have found something more productive for you to do in lieu of chugging beer and consuming an absurd amount of empty calories:

Turn Your Home Into A Dream Home with one of these SIMPLE DIY upgrades!

…And be sure to tell us your favorite idea in the comments below!

1. A Dog Shower in the Garage

dog shower

2. A Hidden Room

hidden room


3. A) a Balcony and B) a Balcony Desk

balcony desk

4. Or Better Yet, a Balcony Pool

balcony pool

5. An Outdoor Bathtub

outdoor bathtub

With perpetual glasses of champagne, please.

6. A Backyard Cabin

backyard cabin

Especially one that’s shaped like an orb.

7. A Mega-Skylight

huge skylight

8. A Window Seat-Bed

window bed

9. A Dedicated Shoe Closet

shoe closet

10. A Waterslide Closet

waterslide closet

11. Or Just a Regular Slide

house slide

12. A Hydroponic Garden in Your Kitchen

kitchen garden

13. A Rotating Sink, with Colander and Cutting Board

rotating sink

14. A Starry Light Cieling Above the Bathtub

starry lights

15. A Swinging Porch Daybed

porch swing

16. A Backyard Beach Fire Pit

beach fire pit

17. A Fireplace Porch

porch fireplace

18. A Disco Ball Backsplash

disco backsplash

19. A Pool That Looks Like a Moving River

pool that looks like river

20. A Full Feature Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen

21. A Yard Orb Chair

yard orb chair

22. A Swimming-Pool Movie Theater, Duh.

swimming pool movie theater

23. An Amazing Multiple Shower-Head System

amazing shower

24. A Huge Glass Gazebo

glass gazebo

25. A Bathroom/Tub Fireplace

fireplace bath tub

26. A Kitchen Wine Cooler and Dispenser

kitchen wine dispenser

27.Massive Yard Beer Dispenser

backyard keg taps

Only in New Orleans could something this special exist!

OK, so they aren’t that simple, but hey they will take your home to the next level!

Let us know your favorite below!






Original arcticle compliments of our friends at Buzzfeed.> 27 Things That Definitely Belong In Your Dream Home.

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