Narrowing Down the Best Pizza in Los Angeles to 10 Spots

Here we go; narrowing down the best pizza in Los Angeles. Why do we even do this to ourselves? For every joint that makes the list, there are three more we’ll feel remiss to have neglected. But we tried to narrow things down to 10 pizza places, spanning the creative to the classic. 

DeSano Pizzeria

An authentic taste of Italy is guaranteed when you visit DeSano Pizzeria in East Hollywood. Don’t let the relaxed industrial atmosphere fool you. DeSano earns its place amongst the best pizza in Los Angeles for its use of imported ingredients to add an extra degree of authenticity to its Neapolitan-style pies. 

High quality ingredients are baked to perfection in cavernous wood-burning stoves. The result is nothing short of delicious; especially when chased with their genuine imported gelato. The generous parking lot is the…errr… pepperoni on top? 

Danny Boy’s Famous Original Pizza

Coming from a co-founder of the Big Apple’s beloved Meatball Shop, expect authentic New York-style pizza on the menu at Danny Boy’s. But the downtown lunch counter caters to LA’s hustling professionals with Sicilian-style slabs, taste bud-tantalizing garlic knots, and more. 

Sure, the inconspicuous office building location doesn’t do this place many favors. But when the word-of-mouth is this good, who needs anything more? So, if you’re downtown during the lunch rush and looking for a higher quality knockoff of a New York slice, Danny Boy’s has you. 

786 Degrees

Photo credit: 786 Degrees

Yeah, their original Sun Valley location is a trek for the average Angeleno. But 786 Degrees makes the jaunt worth it with pizza that has earned international acclaim. The staff takes pride in their work, contributing to a fun atmosphere soundtracked by retro videos promoting Italian tourist attractions.

Their irreverent take on pizza can be found just by glancing at some of their signature pizzas. The award-winning Habibi uses Egyptian garlic yogurt sauce, Egyptian herbs and spices, lamb, beef, and more for something truly unique. Their Ararat pie pairs marinated lamb with cooling mint and a variety of other spices and ingredients. These are just two examples of the creativity that elevates 786 Degrees’ pies to the heights of the best pizza in Los Angeles. 

Pizzeria Mozza

Photo credit: Pizzeria Mozza

Arguably the best representation of California-style pizza in LA, Pizzeria Mozza is the vision of renowned chef Nancy Silverton. She’s managed to perfect delightfully chewy, bubble-peppered crust paired with a variety of inspiring toppings. We’re talking Fresno chiles, exotic mushrooms, clams… even squash blossoms. Silverton’s known for emphasizing the role of artisan breads in popular cuisine, so the crust quality is no surprise. 

This pizzeria also serves up hearty meatballs crafted from veal, pancetta, and pork, rich desserts, and plenty of Italian favorites. But we’re focused on the best pizza in Los Angeles and Pizzeria Mozza’s pies alone merit their inclusion. 

Quarter Sheets Pizza

Photo credit: Quarter Sheets Pizza

While the pandemic was a time when many restaurants were shuttering, Quarter Sheets Pizza was just getting started. They didn’t exactly have a place yet, but their creative take on Detroit-style pizza couldn’t wait. These days, you can find the pizza formerly known as “Glendale’s #1 least authentic Detroit-style pizza” in its bustling Echo Park location. 

You just have to be quick. Quarter Sheets regularly sells out. This isn’t just because of chef Aaron Lindell’s sauce-soaked focaccia style slabs. His partner Hannah Ziskin of House of Gluten also stocks Quarter Sheets with some of the tastiest desserts in LA. So, set your alarm to get the jump on what Quarter Sheets is serving up! 

Vito’s Pizza

Photo credit: Vito’s Pizza

A mainstay in WeHo with another location in Santa Monica, Vito’s Pizza brings East Coast flavor to LA’s westside. Vito DiDonato keeps his pizzas simple but effective with quality ingredients and plenty of heart. You can even grab it by the slice; a rarity in this city.

Offering a wide selection of craft suds, some wine, and even a cocktail menu, Vito doesn’t just stick to pizza. His establishment has been slinging the best chicken parmesan sandwich in the city for years. But again, this is about the best pizza in LA, and westside foodies will agree that Vito’s belongs on the list. 

Pizzeria Sei

Photo credit: Pizzeria Sei

Its Pico-Robertson location may not look like much, but Pizzeria Sei is serving up some of the best pizza in Los Angeles for culinary creativity. Using a wood oven, Korean-born chef William Joo crafts Neapolitan pies in a Tokyo style. Though the menu is sparse, it offers some of the most compelling flavor combinations you’ll find in a pizza. 

Joo is a veteran of some of LA’s most renowned pizza establishments, but creates something all his own with pinched doughy crusts that almost recall dumplings. Despite Joo’s pedigree, Pizzeria Sei provides a rather quick, no-fuss experience with an understated elegance. 

Pizzeria Bianco

Photo credit: Pizzeria Bianco

The struggle to create thin crust while still retaining an enticing degree of chewiness has plagued pizza slingers for years. But by using crust fermented for 18 hours, award-winning chef Chris Bianco found a way. When he opened his Pizzeria Bianco after solidifying his reputation in Phoenix, it was only a matter of time before he topped the list of the best pizza in Los Angeles.

Whether you’re swinging by for a lunchtime slice or a dinnertime pie, this New York-style pizzeria will be packed. Thank Bianco’s appearance on Netflix’s Chef’s Table: Pizza for inflating the hype. But also believe that hype. This is some of the most astounding pizza in LA.  

Pijja Palace

Photo credit: Pijja Palace

In the mood for pizza, but not really in the mood for pizza? Then Pijja Palace very well could accommodate. This South Asian-influenced take on the pizza is rich in earthy spices, tangy sweetness, and creativity. Think of everything you love about Indian or Pakistani food. Then throw it in a pizza oven. Now you’re on your way to understanding Pijja Palace.

“Pijja” itself being Hindi slang for “pizza”, you can expect sauces that recall vindaloo, makhini, and yogurt on doughy crusts slathered with melted cheese. All of this served up in a casual sports bar environment creates a winning combo for a fun, experimental evening. 

Prime Pizza

Photo credit: Prime Pizza

Okay, okay, after all the creative spins on pizza, artisanal pies, and hipster joints, what if you just want the best pizza in Los Angeles that tastes like… I don’t know… classic pizza? Well, Prime Pizza delivers… literally. Serving up traditional pies with 24-hour fermented dough, Sicilian-style pizzas, and addictive garlic knots, Prime Pizza lives up to its name.

It’s also pretty abundant with locations all across the Greater Los Angeles area. And while you can get it delivered easily enough, this tastes like a higher quality pizza than your typical delivery fare. So, if you’re missing the classic days of good ol’ fashioned pizza delivery, give Prime Pizza a buzz. 

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786? Cardboard. Prime is decent you missed Joe Peeps in Vally Village, dude. They rock although they put black pepper on pizza and sometimes too much.,boils down to it there IS no good pizza in LA

Vitos? Prime?
Hardest of no’s.
Far superior:
L’ Antica Pizza da Michelle
Brooklyn Pizza Wagon
Little Coyote
Jon and Vinny’s

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