The 11 Most Attractive Features of Homes for Sale in Los Angeles

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If you’re planning on selling your house, it’s not a bad time to brush up on the most attractive features of homes for sale in Los Angeles. After all, our housing market is fairly unique when compared to the rest of the country. While some of these alluring details are time-tested favorites others are a bit more fluid and subject to trends. However, even if your home doesn’t offer a single one of these features, it could still very likely be someone’s dream home. And you only need to sell it once! Still, if your LA home boasts any of the following features, consider it a heck of a bonus. 

The Liberty of an Open Floor Plan

People love the freedom of an open floor plan. It facilitates a natural, unrestrained flow that, for the modern homebuyer, is just more comfortable than defined rooms. Open floor plans also maximize that glorious California sunshine with shared lighting. If your home offers plenty of space, maybe even a great room, then you’re in good shape! 

Find the Home of the Future Today with Smart Technology

The homes of the future are already here thanks to smart technology. And since convenience is king, we expect smart homes are here to stay. That’s why we even started our own HartSmart Homes division specializing in outfitting homes for sale in Los Angeles with the latest smart technology. You can read all about the hottest smart home devices in our recent blog on the subject. 

In the meantime, make your life easier by taking advantage of smart technology in your own home. Then, if you want to sell in the future, it will have the capabilities buyers want… granted that technology hasn’t run a few laps around us by that point! 

Swimming Pools: A Sparkling Fixture in Hot Homes for Sale in Los Angeles

Often regarded as the ultimate feature of an entertainer’s backyard, the swimming pool is a favorite among those browsing homes for sale in Los Angeles. We doubt that pools will ever dip too much in popularity. Yet, the recent drought and water restrictions may be deterring some potential buyers who don’t see a pool as essential. Pools have definitely enjoyed more acclaim in periods that weren’t so arid. 

Vast Windows and Skylights Let the Sunshine In

There’s something truly special about California sunshine. It makes sense that so many area residents want to flood their homes with it! According to Redfin’s trend tracker, both floor-to-ceiling windows and skylight windows top their list of top design trends in homes for sale in Los Angeles. 

Skylights are perfect for providing natural lighting; especially in parts of your home that may not offer standard window access. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow a wealth of sunshine to soak every corner of a room. These can be particularly attractive when paired with open floor plans and glossy floors. Just keep your sunglasses handy! 

Homes for Sale in Los Angeles Shine When Boasting Marble Floors

We see a lot of love for tasteful laminate flooring in the market. But the average seeker of homes for sale in Los Angeles shows a partiality for luxurious marble floors. 

Admittedly, the regal look of glossy marble floors is undeniable. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s a very easy material to keep clean. So, if you have marble tiles so shiny you can see your face in them, congratulations! They’re very much “in”. 

No Need to Hike to the Hiking Trails

Angelenos love to stay fit while enjoying the great outdoors. A decent hiking trail scratches both of those itches at the same time. Therefore, it’s no wonder that houses in LA offering easy access to hiking trails are typically quick sales. If your home borders Griffith Park, Runyon Canyon, or any of the city’s other impressive hiking trails, you can count on a little extra ammunition at the negotiation table. 

Electric Stoves Give Listing Prices a Jolt

You’ve no doubt heard that gas stoves have been banned in future residential and commercial buildings starting on January 1st. It’s likely a contributing factor in the desirability of electric stoves in homes for sale in Los Angeles. 

Sure, the regulation doesn’t apply to homes that were built prior to 2023. But it highlights the potential danger of gas stoves. And even if that danger is minimal, people want peace of mind from their home purchase. Electric stoves can deliver that. 

Lakeside Living the LA Way

Los Angeles isn’t known for its multitude of lakes. Maybe that’s why they’ve become such a hot commodity. Believe it or not, lakeside living is immensely popular with those seeking homes for sale in Los Angeles. Do we count reservoirs like Silver Lake Reservoir and Echo Park Lake? The jury’s still out, but we imagine they make a better view than a concrete jungle. 

The further you go outside of LA city proper and into the outskirts of the Greater Los Angeles area, the more likely you are to find lakefront property. But rest assured, LA homes with a lake in their backyard remain an uncommon, though highly desirable, find. 

Is It Really an Entertainer’s Backyard Without a Patio?

Even the most introverted recluses want an entertainer’s backyard because “You never know.” Fortunately, entertainer’s backyards are fairly common in the Greater Los Angeles area. And an essential part of such a backyard is a welcoming patio. 

Of course, what you do with your back patio space will weigh heavily on the impression it leaves on those browsing homes for sale in Los Angeles. Patio furniture is essential and shade-bearing flora adds a nice touch. But if you really want to elevate your back patio to entertainer gold status, add in a fire pit and a pergola.

Habitable Investments with ADUs

Due to California’s urgent need for new housing, it’s easier than ever to create an ADU. What’s an ADU? It’s an acronym for “accessory dwelling unit” and it can dramatically raise the listing price of homes for sale in Los Angeles. 

You can live in your investment by converting a detached garage into a living space or an office into a junior ADU. Is it hard work? Sure. But it quite literally pays off! 

The Beach is This Way

The typical shopper of homes for sale in Los Angeles wants a gorgeous property… but they don’t want to stay cooped up in it. Whether they’re escaping into hiking trails, lakeside views, or just their entertainer’s backyard, they want to experience this gorgeous city. So, it’s little wonder that beach access is a hot ticket for LA homes. 

It’s also not much of a surprise. Beach access has been a major selling point for as long as anyone in this industry can recall. Well, just in case you were wondering, it’s still hot. 

Do you need to have most of these features or even any of them to sell your home? Not by a longshot. We see plenty of homes for sale in Los Angeles making quick exits off the market despite having very few if any of the features discussed above. But these are the features most commonly requested by those seeking LA homes in the modern market. If your home has any of these features, you can probably clean up quite nicely if you decide to sell! 

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