JohnHart Launches New Program to Help Businesses Thrive and So Much More

Elevate by JohnHart is a new program launched by JohnHart to elevate the businesses of its members.

In a time when so many businesses have struggled to stay alive, one group is working hard to help business owners in the greater Los Angeles area. The Elevate by JohnHart group on Facebook is an exclusive, professional society dedicated to creating relationships across industries. Put simply, JohnHart has launched this new program to elevate business for all involved.

The members of this group seek to meet people, nurture relationships, and determine how they can help people both in their network and the greater community. Membership spans a wealth of industries, from retailers and insurance to real estate, financial advisors, and marketing experts. 

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

The concept behind this exclusive group and new program is simple: helping one another is important. Members understand that to come from a place of generosity and genuine willingness to help is vital to the group. As the infamous phrase says, a rising tide lifts all boats. We created this group to do exactly that. Our goal is to Elevate our members and their businesses to the upper echelons of success. 

Benefits of Joining

Ultimately, the Elevate group gives back to our members, to create a beneficial experience for all.

Here’s the full list of benefits:

  • Access to a community of professionals that can help you meet your business needs
  • The opportunity for game-changing connections with people from a wide variety of industries
  • In-person events to expand your network of connections exponentially 
  • Virtual events that drill down to vital business and life advice to transform your future

In-Person Events Coming

As one of the administrators for the group, it is my pleasure to announce that in-person get-togethers are coming! While Zoom sessions are great, fun experiences and have been very helpful in the midst of the pandemic, we are very much looking forward to seeing our members’ smiling faces very soon. In addition to exciting guest speakers and other giveaways and opportunities, connecting in person is a huge element of our exclusive group. These events will only be made available to current members of the Elevate group, and in a limited capacity in accordance with local COVID laws.

Interested in joining the Elevate by JohnHart group?

Elevate is a new program focused on helping businesses in the Greater Los Angeles area.

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Michael Bruer is a Los Angeles native, and serves as the Social Content Creator at JohnHart Real Estate. Michael received his Bachelor's Degree in English from Saint Mary's College, and has spent the last 10 years honing his skills in Copywriting, Social Media Management, and SEO best practices. He is an avid fan of basketball, soccer, and college football, and even captained an improv team for a couple of years!

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