Zillow Offers Partners with JohnHart Real Estate for LA Market

ZO partners with JohnHart

Zillow Offers is now available to residents of Greater Los Angeles, and their broker partner for the market is JohnHart Real Estate.

Los Angeles marks the 22nd market where Zillow Offers is now available, providing homeowners here with a new option when it comes to selling their property.

“Zillow Offers provides homeowners with a way to sell their property with a lot more control over the process than they would typically have on the open market,” says John Maseredjian, JohnHart’s Vice President and the head of the Zillow Offers team. “In a traditional sale the homeowner is at the mercy of the market, they need to show the property, hold open houses, deal with negotiations, face repair credit requests, and after all of that the deal may fall apart due to financing or myriad other reasons” says Maseredjian. “With Zillow Offers the offer is cash, the homeowner sets their own closing date, they don’t need to show the property publicly, and they are made aware of any adjustments to the offer before offer acceptance – so the homeowner is not hit at the last minute with a laundry list of repairs needed.”

So how does it work?  Homeowners in Los Angeles simply enter their address at https://www.zillow.com/offers/ and submit some basic information about their home to get started.  Homeowners with eligible homes can expect a competitive offer within about 48 hours. “Zillow’s goal is to provide a stress-free solution to homeowners by taking care of the hassles that often come with selling a home, and they charge a  convenience fee that is most often very comparable to traditional real estate fees. We encourage all homeowners who are thinking about selling to request a Zillow Offer. There is no obligation to accept the Zillow Offer, and if it turns out that a traditional sale is in the homeowner’s best interest we can help them with that as well!” said Maseredijan.


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