Tourist Alleges a Bark Scorpion Got Him By the Nethers at a Luxury Las Vegas Hotel

Going nuts is all part of the Las Vegas experience, but one bark scorpion seems to have taken that message literally. It’s a nightmare that, at least until last December, was likely too wild for imagination. A scorpion finding its way into a lofty Vegas Strip resort with a different kind of jackpot in mind. Unfortunately for a vacationing man, the arachnid in question was able to pull two cherries before its luck ran out. Now the Venetian Resort and Casino may be staring down the business end of a lawsuit. 

And You Think Your Alarm Clock is Bad…

Photo credit: Alan Rockefeller

California resident Michael Farchi was enjoying a Las Vegas getaway with family, taking advantage of the Christmastime off-season. Little did he know that his vacation was about to get cut short in a brutal fashion. At approximately 8 am on December 26, he got the rudest awakening possible. A stabbing sensation to the testicles jolted him from his sound sleep.

It turns out that this bark scorpion wasn’t all bark. Rather, it had plenty of bite or, more accurately, sting. In his desperate attempt to identify the source, Farchi claims to have been stung three to four times. 

The Agoura Hills man dashed to the bathroom, desperate for relief. It was only then that he noticed the diminutive yellow scorpion clinging to his boxers. Thinking quickly, Farchi managed to snap a few photos of the assailant before heading to the nearest hospital for treatment. Photos confirm the culprit was indeed a bark scorpion.

The Sting of a Bark Scorpion

Photo credit: Therringshaw

So, what does it feel like to be stung by a bark scorpion (not to mention in one of the most sensitive regions imaginable)? Short answer: not good. Speaking to KLAS 8 News Now, Farchi likened it to “sharp glass or a knife.” 

But the bark scorpion is actually the most venomous scorpion in North America. Stings are typically followed by immense pain and a variety of other symptoms including numbness, tingling, and vomiting with effects lasting upwards of 72 hours. A sting from a bark scorpion can even result in fatality. So, while a sting to the nethers may seem like light news from behind the computer screen, the reality is a bit more serious. 

It turns out that a stinger to the testicles is enough to ruin a vacation. Farchi and his family checked out from the Venetian Resort on December 27; a day earlier than scheduled. Now, the California man is considering legal action against the luxury hotel. 

What Are the Odds? 

Photo credit: Dietmar Rabich

But what are the odds of a Vegas vacationer waking up to a bark scorpion in their bed? Thankfully, this story is news for a reason. Sure, areas of Las Vegas are more prone to bark scorpion populations than others. But a scorpion on the Las Vegas Strip is highly uncommon. 

Scorpions are nocturnal, preferring desert nights to the bustling flash of the Strip. Yes, these luxury resorts aren’t exactly strangers to pests. Health inspectors named four hotels along the Strip with bed bug presence between September and January. The Venetian was among them. But you’d have better chances with the one-armed bandits than crossing paths with a bark scorpion on the Las Vegas Strip.  

It remains to be seen if Farchi’s lawsuit has any legs (and, if so, how many). And as for the scorpion? Well, we can only imagine that after Farchi got his evidence, the arachnid’s final hand was a royal flush. 

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