Will a Las Vegas Firm’s AI Agent Change the Way We Use Real Estate Agencies?

As technology-based as our industry can be, it’s no wonder we found a way to hop on the artificial intelligence craze. But could AI feasibly replace flesh-and-blood real estate agents? It’s a question you may want to pose to Luxora. That’s the name Las Vegas’s Luxury Realty Group gave one of its newest recruits: a […]

Las Vegas Home Spotlight: The Shared Dream of the Lonnie Hammargren House

Featured image credit: Casino.org Collectors share a similar compulsion. Yet, the subjects of their obsessions can be radically diverse. Some might collect I Love Lucy memorabilia. Others might collect the dried husks of dead butterflies. Big ticket collectors might boast garages full of classic cars. Broke collectors might write down in a tattered notebook a collection […]