The Top 25 Agents of Q3 2023

Less competition doesn’t make the current housing market any less challenging. Just ask the agents who battled through a vicious third quarter to claw their way onto our Top 25 Agents list. This year has turned a lot of agents away from the industry, from rookies feeling in over their heads to seasoned agents tempted into early retirement. Then, there are those agents who still see their calling as clear as day, no matter how cloudy the skies. You probably know many of them by name already; industry superstars in their own right. But we’ve also had the privilege and honor to watch some new stars rise. You’ll find a few of them making their debut on this list.

At JohnHart, we’re deeply proud of each and every agent under our banner. They’ve made a commitment to redefine real estate and, in so doing, made a commitment to always put client interests first. Some might think that takes a lot of mettle in such an inhospitable market, but for a JohnHart agent, it’s second nature. Yet, the agents that made Q3’s list didn’t just stick to their guns. They rearranged the market to work in their clients’ favor. The way these agents strategized, connected, and orchestrated matters for their clients’ benefits looked like magic. But we assure you, it’s pure unbridled skill.

Sure, the agents below don’t know how to do things any other way. But even if this client-first approach is simply their way of life, they still deserve our respect and praise. When you see them, make sure to thank them. With their efforts, that old industry we’ve set out to change is already unrecognizable.

01. Haik Bokhchalian and Associates

02. Karl Markarian and Associates

03. Raffi Soualian and Associates

04. Grace Kim

05. Clemente De La Torre and Associates

06. Silvia Hairapetian

07. Melissa Urena and Associates

08. Manny Morales

09. Michael Melik-Bakchian and Associates

10. Tina Damadyan

11. Albert and Roubina

12. Linda Ojeda and Associates

13. Mila Orgiyvsky

14. Caroll Wong

15. Syuzi Hakobyan

16. Tammy Delwarte Real Estate Group

17. Sevana Grigor

18. Joseph Corpeno

19. Robbyn Battles

20. Henry and Janie Bruce

21. The LA Agents

22. Lissette Cee Carretero and Associates

23. Rafael Gevorkian / RG Realty Group

24. Angela Oganesyan

25. Steve Gutierrez-Kovner

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