The Top 25 Agents of Q2 2023

Another quarter down in what no doubt is one of the most challenging years in many agents’ lives! It’s always a sign of hard work and perseverance to end up on this list, but there’s a little something extra to a Top 25 spot earned during famine. Never let anyone question that you’re real estate royalty if your name appears below. 

You aren’t content to make do with what you have. You’re a creator. When this market doesn’t give you what you need, you dip into your skills and you mold the market like an artist. With that kind of power, nothing and no one can stand between you and greatness. 

If you’re on this list, you no doubt already fully understand that passion is not enough to carry you to the finish line. Like a legend in any field, you know that goals are achieved through fundamentals, determination, self-discipline, and putting in the work. You dream big, but when you wake up, you do everything big too. And with that knowledge unlocked, there’s no doubt you’ll be on this list for Q3 as well. 

If you see these agents, congratulate them… these aren’t simple lessons. But also learn from them. Find out what they’re doing that got them on this list. It’s not magic, even if they make it look that way. An immense kudos to our Top 25 Agents of Q2!

01. Haik Bokhchalian and Associates

02. Manny Morales

03. Albert and Roubina

04. Rafael Gevorkian / RG Realty Group

05. The LA Agents

06. Raffi Soualian and Associates

07. Michael Melik-Bakchian and Associates

08. Tina Damadyan

09. Melissa Urena and Associates

10. Clemente De La Torre and Associates

11. Lily Galadzhyan

12. Karl Markarian and Associates

13. Lissette Cee Carretero and Associates

14. Linda Ojeda and Associates

15. KoKo Partamian

16. Henry and Janie Bruce

17. Nesrin Homes

18. Marine Janikyan

19. Grace Kim

20. Fabiola Cardenas

21. Rosa Peña

22. Nick Khachian

23. Deep Singh

24. Lilith Berko

25. Jovani Paredes

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