5 Hilarious Must-Watch Christmas Comedies

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Earlier this week we gave you a list of much-watch Christmas classic movies for the whole family. If you haven’t already checked out that list – view it here. This week, it’s a little different. The holidays can be heartwarming, but this list of Christmas flicks is all about the laughs. While your children are sleeping, indulge in these hilarious must-watching Christmas comedies that may or may not be suited for a younger pair of eyes. Watch at your own risk of being put on the naughty list. 

1) Bad Santa

Billy Bob Thornton takes his bad-boy reputation to the big screen in this dirty, foul-mouth-filled Christmas comedy. This flick is centered around a man who is a Santa-for-hire. A terrible one. Who may or may not have an alcohol problem. Not only that, but he and his sidekick elf, played by Tony Cox, are notorious for ripping off shopping outlets and being not-so-nice to their customers. Willie (Billy Bob Thorton) may have a change of heart once he befriends a small boy who brings out a better side of him. Is there hope that Willie’s heart can truly change? Perhaps. You’ll need to watch to find out. This comedy is dark, but brings on the laughs. An outrightly unique must-watch Christmas comedy to add to your holiday checklist.

2) Elf

This one is safe to watch with your kids but is packed with adult-like jokes that may fall a little over their heads. Either way, it’s a hilarious must-watch Christmas movie that the whole family can enjoy. Will Ferrell leads as an ever-so endearing character named Buddy who believes he’s an elf. Buddy was raised in the North Pole amongst elves, but in all actuality is a human. When he leaves the North Pole and begins to discover his human roots, things can become quite confusing and daunting for Buddy. Watch as he travels to New York and embarks on a fun (and funny) adventure of a lifetime. 

3) A Bad Moms Christmas

The cast of Bad Moms comes together once again for A Bad Moms Christmas. This all-star all-female cast featuring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Susan Sarandon, Kathryn Hahn, Cheryl Hines, and Christine Baranski brings the heat for the second time in this hysterical Christmas comedy. Watch as they hilariously try and tackle the holidays in their own unique style of parenting. When their own Moms arrive, things get even more hectic than anticipated. This must-watch Christmas film brings on the laughs, drama, female empowerment, and boisterous amounts of Christmas spirit. Not quite suited for little ones, but your pre-teens and teenagers will thoroughly enjoy. Give this satirical motion picture a try this holiday season. 

4) The Night Before

We all know Seth Rogen and comedies go together like peanut butter and jelly. They are just simply meant to be. Watch Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Anthony Mackie do their thing in this hilarious much-watch Christmas film. WARNING: Many other notable faces make an appearance and bring about even more laughs than your poor body can handle. Be prepared to be rolling on the floor. Featured comedians/actors include Mindy Kaling and Tracy Morgan. The plot is centered around three best friends who are adamant to keep up a holiday tradition in which they celebrate the holidays with an extreme bang. As they move on to different phases in their life, they realize that this may be their last chance to carry out their 10-year tradition. In an attempt to make this their last, and most memorable celebration yet, they may have gone too far. 

5) Daddy’s Home

Will Ferrell ticks another Christmas comedy box in Daddy’s Home as he stars opposite of Mark Walberg in this slapstick holiday flick. Will Ferrell plays Brad Whittaker, a stepdad who is eager to please. Things don’t go according to his holiday plans as his wife’s ex-husband, Dusty (played by Mark Wahlberg) shows up for Christmas to stir things up. Watch as Brad’s plan to get things back on track continuously clashes with Dusty’s intention to throw things off of the rails and stake his claim as his children’s favorite father figure. 

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Once you’ve made your list and you’ve checked it twice – time to start a whole new adventure of to-dos in order to get you in the holiday spirit. Here are more things to keep you busy throughout this holiday season:

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