DIY Holiday Decorations To Get You In The Spirit of the Season

Whether you’re on a budget for decorations this year or you’re simply feeling crafty, these do-it-yourself (DIY) holiday decorations are some of the most fun and cute ideas we could find, that WON’T look like your 5 year old made it (even if they help). These homemade pieces go far beyond the paper chains and popsicle stick ornaments, and in many cases, are eco-friendly ways to reuse materials you might already have around your home. So get out the glue and scissors, turn up the carols, and pour yourself some eggnog. Let’s get crafting!

1. Glitter Ornaments

hand holding stylish golden glitter ornament, decorating beautiful christmas tree with lights, preparation for holidays in festive room. decor for winter holidays. atmospheric moment

This one is fun and simple to do, and always ends up looking beautiful! All you need are:

  • Clear plastic ball ornaments
  • Oil soap or watered-down clear glue
  • Glitter
  • A funnel

Pull the cap off the ornament and set it aside. Pour some oil soap inside and roll it around to coat the inside entirely. Drain any excess into a cup to use for your next ornament. Then, using a funnel, pour glitter in and roll it around to make sure the glitter covers the entire inside. Turn it upside down to pour out the excess, and then let dry upside down over a cup. Put the cap back on, and voila! A beautiful glittery ornament ready to hang.

2. Shabby Chic Rag Wreath

Making DIY decorations, stylish minimalist christmas wreath. Hands cutting ribbon with scissors for modern boho wreath with fir branches, brunia herb, wooden hoop on rustic table. Atmospheric moody image

This will be way cuter than a boring old wreath like every other house on your block has. Find spare fabric around your home to use as rags for your wreath, such as old shirts, towels, burlap, ribbons, etc. Choose holiday colors like red and green and white, or any other colors you want to decorate with. You just need:

  • A hoop for your wreath or wire wreath frame
  • Scissors
  • Lots of strips of fabric that measure about 1″ wide and 9″ long

This activity is so simple and if your kids know how to tie a knot, they can help too! Tie each strip of fabric in a knot around your frame, making sure to tie it tightly and push it up close to the one before it. The more fabric you have, the fuller your wreath will look. Keep all ties facing front. When you’re done, you can attach something to hang something in the center, such as an ornament, large bow, or jingle bells. Don’t forget to tie a string so you can hang it!

3. Cozy Yarn Trees

Christmas craft background with calendar and handmade yarn cone xmas trees in natural colors.  DIY organic sustainable christmas decoration

These trees, when done well, can look like something out of an expensive home decor store. But they are so easy to make! Here’s all you need to do these DIY decorations:

  • Styrofoam cones
  • Any yarn of your choice
  • A glue gun

Start with a dot of hot glue right at the base of the cone and attach the end of your yarn. Then, wind it around and around! You can do a row or two of hot glue up the cone to keep the yarn in place if you wind it quick enough to finish before it dries. If you’re taking it slowly, just dot some hot glue under the yarn occasionally as you go. The key to keeping this looking nice is to wrap it tightly so that none of the styrofoam can be seen through the yarn. Add glue on the top when you’re done and cut the excess. Feel free to alternate colors, add pom-pom ornaments, put a star on top, or wrap with battery-powered twinkle lights to make them more personalized!

4. Warm scented candles

White coffee cup full of coffee beans and burning candle on top of coffee bean stack - image

Forget the expensive scented candles. These can be customized, look beautiful, smell beautiful, and also make great gifts! Make sure you have:

  • Unscented or vanilla tea light candles
  • Small flower pot, jar, plain bowl, or plain coffee cup
  • Paint and paintbrushes
  • Coffee beans and mulling spices

Begin by customizing your flowerpot/jar/cup with paint. Paint a pattern around it, stripes, or festive holiday shapes. Once it’s dry, fill it nearly to the top with coffee beans. Top with mulling spices, then set a tea light in the center and press down slightly so it settles into the coffee beans. Make sure it is level and not tipped over before lighting it! Then, enjoy the wonderful, warm scents in your home.

5. Christmas Mason Jar Votive

For a pretty and unique candle votive, all you need is a mason jar and a few other items! These would be cute on your mantle, as a table centerpiece, or even as a gift to friends. Supplies needed are:

  • Mason jars with smooth sides
  • Matte paint (such as chalkboard paint) in white, green, or red
  • Painter’s tape
  • Scissors or an Exacto knife.

Choose a simple shape for your jar, such as a Christmas tree, a snowflake, a reindeer, etc. Freehand or trace a stencil of this on painter’s tape (put a few pieces together if need be) and cut it out with scissors or an Exacto knife. Put this tape shape on your jar, and then paint over the entire jar. When you peel off the tape after it dries, the shape will remain unpainted and clear. Fill your votive with Epsom salt, jingle bells, coffee beans, or any other non-flammable filler before you put your candle inside. Feel free to tie a ribbon around the top, too!

6. Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Here’s a great way to give new life to old cookie cutters and Christmas cards. These are charming DIY decorations. Put them together, tie with a ribbon, and you have new ornaments for your tree! You’ll need:

  • Metal cookie cutters (ones with backs and handles work best)
  • Old Christmas cards or other festive paper
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon

Trace your cookie cutter shape onto an old Christmas card and cut it out. Hot glue the card to the cookie cutter. Add glitter, stickers, baubles, or anything else you’d like with some hot glue. Then glue a ribbon to the top, and once the glue has all dried, it’s ready to hang on your tree!

7. Clay Star Garland

DIY decorations star garland

Make cute and festive garland that is easier than baking cookies. Here’s all you need to do:

  • Homemade Salt Dough
  • Small star-shaped cookie cutter
  • String or wire to connect them
  • Paint or glitter if desired

Roll out your salt dough flat and punch out multiple stars. Make sure to add a small hole with a toothpick if you plan to string them through the stars. Bake according to the recipe to harden them. Paint them and add glitter if desired. String them together or wrap wire around them, leaving empty space on the string or wire between each star. You can also weave in battery-powered twinkle lights for more sparkle and shine!

8. Festive Pom Pom Wreath

Here’s a unique wreath idea that can be tons of fun! What you’ll need is:

  • Lots and lots of large pom poms
  • Hot glue
  • Flat styrofoam ring

You can make your own pom poms out of yarn or buy them, but you’ll need a lot for this wreath. Choose to do a pattern, single color, or lots of fun colors. Use a flat ring for the base of your wreath, and cover with felt that matches your wreath color, if desired. Hot glue your pom poms to the wreath as close together as possible. Feel free to add accessories such as small trees in the center or bows. Don’t forget a ribbon to hang it up!

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