$150 Million California Home For Sale

Candy Spelling, widow of Beverly Hills 90210 producer, Aaron Spelling and mother of Tori Spelling is putting their home, “The Manor” up for sale after 20 years.  What sets this home apart from others?

About  $150,000,000… you didn’t read that wrong.

According to Forbes, the $150 million price tag sets the record for the most expensive single family home in the world and there are only five others that break the $100 million mark.  While it’s the most expensive for sale, it may also be the biggest in the world.  It stands at more than 56,500 square feet with 100 rooms on a 6 acre compound that contains tennis courts, pool and gardens.

While most rooms are ridiculously large, some rooms are just ridiculous.  Case in point: “The Gift Wrapping Room”.  The living room is even larger than entire single family homes.  Also included is a private bowling alley, game room, screening room, a grand staircase based on the movie Gone With The Wind, custom doggie doors for Fido, and a library that showcases scripts from some of Aaron Spelling’s  shows like Charlie’s Angels, The Love Boat & Dynasty.

The home was built in 1991 for $45 million and if it sells today for the $150 million asking price, taxes would start at $1.5 million.

Where will Candy move to?  She has her eye on a swanky apartment that is a measly 17,000 square feet… or, to put it in perspective, the size of her current home’s attic.

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