Eddie Murphy’s Mansion

The actor has starred in movies like The Nutty Professor, Beverly Hills Cop and Shrek, to name a few.  He has listed his house for sale and so far has had no luck selling the property.

Eddie Murphy’s Englewood, New Jersey mansion was originally listed for $30 million in 2004 and now he has cut the price in half.  His asking price today is $14,990,000.  The house has been on the market for about six years.
The 32-room mansion has a full-size racquetball court, indoor pool, elevator and a carriage house with a gym.  The house is located in a gated estate known as Bubble Hill, which also contains a bowling alley, theater and recording studio.
What an amazing house, why has it not sold yet?  The real estate market and economy as a whole might be a couple of the contributing factors.  Even after the huge cut in the price, this amazing 25,000 square foot home is apparently not the type of home that the market is looking into.

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