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Property Taxes May Increase – Measure EE

Measure EE Overview On June 4th voters will go to the polls to decide an issue that has potential to impact the real estate industry, Measure EE.  Measure EE’s text reads as follows: To retain/attract quality teachers; reduce class sizes; provide counseling/nursing/library services, arts, music, science, math, preschool, vocational/career education, safe/well-maintained schools, adequate instructional materials/supplies; […]

Trump Estates!

$100 Million Trump Penthouse All Gold Everything! The New President of the United States has been living lavishly in his 66th floor penthouse that has breathtaking views of Central Park and the Manhattan Skyline. The Trump family is living in a penthouse inspired to look like the luxurious Palace de Versailles in France. You enter […]

ivanka trump house

Ivanka’s White House!

Donald Trump will soon be the new President of the United States of America. What is the Trump clan up to? Well, daughter Ivanka Trump, her husband, and three kids are reportedly moving to Washington, DC to be closer to their father aka President Trump. Leaving the lavish lifestyle in NYC, the Kushner’s will be […]

Elections DON’T Interfere with Real Estate

Former First Lady √ , Running for President √ , Presidential Debate √ , Expanding Real Estate √√ . Potential President of the United States, Hilary Clinton is not wasting any time. With her ongoing presdential campaign, she purchased a property in Chappaqua, NY. The Clinton’s spent $1,160,000 on this 1.51 acres, 3,631 sq, ft, 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom. […]