Las Vegas Home Spotlight: The Shared Dream of the Lonnie Hammargren House

Featured image credit: Collectors share a similar compulsion. Yet, the subjects of their obsessions can be radically diverse. Some might collect I Love Lucy memorabilia. Others might collect the dried husks of dead butterflies. Big ticket collectors might boast garages full of classic cars. Broke collectors might write down in a tattered notebook a collection […]

LA Home Spotlight: Tony Duquette Sculpted Exotic Dreams in Dawnridge

Featured image credit: Hollywood Unwrapped You don’t have to be a Hollywood insider to recognize the name Tony Duquette. Throughout the 1940s and ‘50s, he elevated set decoration to an art form with his “more is more” approach. It earned him a great deal of admirers, some well-positioned friends, and, it would seem, a small […]

Robert Downey Jr. and wife Susan Downey

Unique Celebrity Homes: Robert Downey Jr.’s Concrete Clubhouse

Main Photo by Sgt. Michael Connors, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons With an abundance of money surrounding some of our most beloved stars, it’s no surprise that their humble abodes may not be so humble. However, some celebs have taken it to the next level when it comes to customizing a home. Robert Downey Jr. […]

Palm Springs Home Spotlight: Organic Architecture Lives On with the Elrod House

Featured image credit: Luis Ashelford Wait, haven’t we done this Palm Springs Home Spotlight before? If you’ve been paying attention (but not paying close enough attention), you’ll be mistaking today’s home for one we covered last year: The Bob Hope House. It’s an easy enough point of confusion: both that home and this one were […]

Los Angeles Home Spotlight: The O’Neill House Isn’t Like Other Beverly Hills Homes

Featured image credit: Edwards Design Group, Inc. With the majority of Beverly Hills homes adopting a neoclassical aesthetic, the neighborhood is lovely to say the least. It’s just not often surprising. Of course, there are a few exceptions proving the rule. For example, the Spadena witch house, which we covered in a Los Angeles home […]