5 Trendy Tips to Enhance a Small Porch

Who doesn’t love the idea of a front porch? Picture a cool lemonade in the shade on a hot summer’s day while watching the world go by. Or imagine sitting outside at night with the string lights lit, winding down after a long day of work.  Backyards have always been popular but now more people are also wanting a little bit of space in the front of their homes. In this blog, we will share our top 5 tips to enhance a small porch – just in time for summer!

Home builders have embraced this idea over the past couple decades with more new construction featuring this timeless feature. Often though, the size of the porch seems to make it more of an idea than a usable space. But even a modest-sized porch can be an inviting place to relax. Here are 5 trendy ideas to try this weekend to enhance a small porch.

1. Outdoor Furniture

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Any porch can accommodate some kind of furniture. It may be a modest bench or a small outdoor couch, but adding a sitting option is an instant plus. You can spruce up your small porch with just two stools and a small table if that’s all you have room for.  No space is too tiny.

No matter what, be sure to have fun with your furniture.  Choose items that can withstand the elements and remember that outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be boring.  Choose pieces that speak to your style aesthetic and give you the space to entertain and enjoy being outside.

2. Pillows

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Soften the look of the space and create a welcoming impression by adding pillows or blankets to the sitting area. Vary the color and style by season using weather-proof fabrics. Pillows are also an awesome way to incorporate holiday décor.  Change up your pillows every season for a fun, refreshing vibe all year long.

3. Potted Plants

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It seems that nowadays everyone is a plant mama or a plant daddy!  Incorporating plants on your small porch is a great way to decorate this space. Small containers or size-appropriate hedges of flowers or bushes add softness and interest to any front porch. Plants allow the space to integrate with the rest of the front yard.

Adding greenery around the beams of your front porch is also a good way to incorporate more plants.  Greenery can help tie in whatever aesthetic you are going for and elevate even the most basic furniture and décor.

Fake grass can also be used creatively – it doesn’t have to look distasteful.  Artificial grass can actually make your space look elevated if done correctly.

4. Color

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Play with the color of both the furnishings and plants to draw the eye of the observer. Soft pastels paired with a bold splash will move the viewer’s eye around the space, creating the illusion of more room. A nice outdoor rug in a popping color will definitely do the trick and make your small space feel much roomier. We also want to add, when choosing a rug for a small space, bigger is better.  A larger rug will fill up the space.

5. Remove Clutter

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Finally, remove anything unnecessary and keep the porch cleared of debris or overgrown plants. Take time every week to look around your space and pick up anything that doesn’t belong on your perfectly curated front porch.  Keeping it neat and tidy will make you feel good every time you step in or out of the house.

Prepare to Enjoy

Photo Credit: Envato Elements

A front porch should lure one in. Even a small porch can be a pleasant place to relax, read, or refresh with just a few small changes.  There are so many ways to enhance a small porch. Summer is approaching so now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to start making upgrades. Start thinking about your color scheme and what items you would like to incorporate into your space.  Then start planning out your own little oasis!

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