Get Ready to Shoot Confident Real Estate Videos with These 11 Tips

You’re totally in your element when it comes to selling homes… that is until a camera starts rolling. Suddenly, all of those words that came so easily just seconds ago have evaporated into thin air. Your thoughts don’t last more than three seconds before they’re seized with a crippling panic. Where has that smooth-as-silk negotiator gone? Real estate videos are a necessary part of marketing in modern realty. Even if you have an uncanny knack for strategy, client interaction, and mediation, you’ll need to master video marketing. Real estate videos come in all shapes and sizes: video tours, interviews, day-in-the-life spots, promos, Instagram reels, ads… Fortunately, as a videographer, I’ve picked up a few tips to help even the most nervous agents get comfortable in the spotlight. 

(01.) Lean Into Your Expertise

I recommend always starting yourself off with a simple question as a warm up. Choose a topic that you could talk about all day; one that excites you. Most people will agree it’s an effective way to quickly boost your confidence. Asking yourself just one basic question invokes your expertise. Your whole demeanor can change in seconds! 

(02.) Real Estate Videos Require Fine Tuned Body Language

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It’s crucial to remember that body language often translates loud and clear. Feeling anxious? Your body language is telegraphing it. Fortunately, you’ll rarely be shooting your real estate videos alone. This means that your videographer will be with you to help with adjustments so your body language communicates assurance. Feeling like your hair might be a bit messy? Maybe you’re wondering if you need a better angle? Ask your videographer. And if you don’t trust their opinion, ask to see playback right there in the field so you can course correct if necessary. 

(03.) Know Where to Focus Your Attention

A lot of people are drawn to look at the videographer when talking to the camera. But in the portions of your real estate videos in which you address your audience, you should focus on the lens. This creates the impression that you’re looking directly at your audience and not awkwardly past them. An exception to this rule is when you’re shooting b-roll (supportive footage that’s not part of the main narrative). With b-roll, you’ll rarely (if ever) be looking directly into the lens. 

(04.) The Power of a Smile in Real Estate Videos

It’s incredible how much power a smile holds. That’s why it’s important to smile at least once or twice in your real estate videos. Yes, even if it doesn’t naturally fit your persona. A smile invites prospective clients to join you on your video tour. It’s a welcoming gesture that goes a long way. So, even if you’re feeling stressed out, nervous, or like you’d rather be doing anything else, find your smile. It will definitely help your efforts pay off. 

(05.) Don’t Let Cottonmouth Dry Out Your Video

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Always remember to stay hydrated. Yes, we’re talking about real estate videos and not nature hikes. But thorough hydration is still crucial to your confidence. Cottonmouth can kill the flow of your video, shaking your confidence and derailing the entire shoot in the process. Thankfully, this problem is easy to solve. All you need to do is keep a bottle of water nearby. It will keep your physical hygiene (not to mention your confidence) in healthy shape. 

(06.) Stay Positive – Your Real Estate Video is for Your Benefit

Show up to your real estate video shoot with a positive attitude. If filming is bothering you, focus on the ends instead of the means. This video is being created to help you make moves in this industry. Think about the benefit a fire video will have on your transaction. Then, try to approach the whole process with a feeling of gratitude. This is something worth getting excited about!

(07.) The Trick to Laughing on Cue

Sometimes, you’ll need to do a bit of acting in your real estate videos. This features in the b-roll, typically through laughter or some contextless moment of levity. But how can you laugh in the middle of stage fright? In my experience, sheer absurdity does wonders. Saying phrases like “blue bananas” and “purple pancakes” is so random, you can’t help but giggle. Especially when you have an audience! Don’t worry, your dialogue shouldn’t be audible in b-roll, so it will remain between you and your videographer. 

(08.) Don’t Get Hung Up on Mistakes – They’re Going to Happen

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Occasionally, I’ll see agents get really frustrated with their real estate videos after a single bad take. No matter how professional you are, mistakes are going to happen. Don’t get lost in your own head, dwelling on flubbed lines. It will only snowball. Have patience with yourself; you deserve it! It could take 16 takes. It could take 200 takes. You’ll eventually get it. But the worst thing you can do is give yourself a hard time for being human. Mistakes are all part of the game with real estate videos. The sooner you realize this, the better off you’ll be. 

(09.) Getting Past Shyness for Your Real Estate Video Shoot

If you suffer from crippling shyness, you can run some practices on your own time leading up to the filming day. Your phone’s camera provides one of the best tools for helping shy agents prepare for their real estate videos. Simply practice talking to your phone’s camera. You may feel silly at first. But the more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll get! Plus, you can get an idea of your mannerisms so you can iron out any you’re not thrilled about. 

(10.) Find Your Comfort Zone

If you feel like you’re going to freeze up during real estate videos, you can use your imagination to relax. One of the most tried-and-true methods is pretending that you’re conversing with a close friend. You can imagine the camera as anyone with whom you feel comfortable. It could be a family member, a colleague, your pet… whoever sets you at ease. 

(11.) Remember Why Your Audience is Here

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Finally, though I’ve mentioned the importance of body language and a confident poise, looks matter very little in real estate videos. This may sound like a contradiction to what I’ve been saying, but think about your audience for a moment. Why are they watching the video? Because they want to buy a house. Possibly even the one you’re about to show them. You’re their guide and that’s an important role. As their guide, you want to be welcoming, confident, and professional. But ultimately, they’re here for the house, not you. Let that thought comfort you if you get too hung up on messed up lines or a bad camera angle.

Get Excited About Your Real Estate Videos

The more real estate videos you complete, the more comfortable you’ll likely feel in front of a camera. But some agents even feel self-conscious in front of the videographer! Well, allow me to speak for all videographers when I say: you’re not showing us anything we haven’t seen a million times before. I see agents miss cues and mumble lines all day long. And those agents make incredible real estate videos. The videographer isn’t going to get hung up on an imperfect take. Your next video that you film will be the hardest, but they’ll get easier and easier each time. So, give yourself a break. Breathe deep, take a sip of water, smile, and get excited. You’re about to sell a house!

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