Real Estate Tip: Order a prelim from escrow when you execute a listing agreement

It’s best to have a prelim on hand right when you execute a listing agreement instead of waiting until you open escrow. This will help prevent any surprises when it comes time to close escrow!

Possible surprises will be avoided by following this tip are:

– Tax Liens

– Mechanics Liens

– Additonal Trusts on Title

– Credit Card Judgements

– EDD (Employement Development Department)

– HOA Liens

– Personal Liens

– Etc.

About Jenny Manukyan

Jenny Manukyan is the Transaction Manager here at JohnHart Real Estate, as well as an agent herself. Being the supervisor and "linchpin" in our short sale operations, has endowed Jenny with invaluable knowledge; and here on the JohnHart Gazette she hopes to share that with you all!

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