Palm Springs Home Spotlight: The Bob Hope House Mounts the Peak of the Modernist Volcano

In our “Home Spotlight” series, we’ve taken you on a tour of a potential Los Angeles murder mansion. We’ve taken you over 20 feet beneath the scorched Las Vegas ground to a subterranean wonderland. And now we’re taking you… golfing. Okay, it may seem anti-climactic, but did we mention that the house we’re talking about […]

best neighborhoods for palm springs homes for sale

These Neighborhoods are the Best for Buying Homes in the Greater Palm Springs Area

Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley are among the hottest vacation destinations for Californians and, let’s face it, the rest of America. Just consider the resorts, boutique hotels, gourmet restaurants, sporting tournaments, and film and music festivals. Needless to say, the city is often flooded with revelers from across the globe. But what is it […]