Selvy Hovhannessian
Head of Agent Relations

Selvy Hovhannessian

About Selvy Hovhannessian

As Head of Agent Relations at JohnHart, Selvy Buchanan masterfully balances supervising the MLS Department, agent concierge services, agent coaching sessions and initiatives, and overseeing (as well as teaching) JohnHart’s Fellowship Program. But it's between the lines of these myriad responsibilities where Selvy really excels, serving as both a therapist and cheerleader for nearly 400 agents. She’s always enjoyed helping others achieve success in business and life, so the rewards of Selvy’s career are inherent.

Working since the young age of 14, Selvy exhibits over two decades of sterling customer service experience. She took real estate courses after high school while pursuing other interests including work in cosmetics. At the age of 23, she accepted her first role in the real estate industry, handling office management and auctions. But she considers December 2015 the true beginning of her real estate career: the day she joined the MLS Department at JohnHart Real Estate. Selvy loves new challenges, constantly pushing herself to greater levels, so in 2021, she spearheaded a book reading initiative with a focus on coaching and guiding real estate agents. This initiative planted the seeds that blossomed into the JohnHart Fellowship Program; a 3-month comprehensive program that prepares agents for the contemporary real estate industry.

With her gift for reading people and pinpointing their needs, Selvy manages to cater her service to a wide range of personalities. She finds rewards in the end result, but enjoys the process of getting there even more. Laughing in the face of challenges and difficult situations, Selvy is always ready to reinforce her agent family with an undiminished well of positivity and compassion.

In her free moments, Selvy cherishes time spent with her family and pets. Her inquisitive spirit often finds her exploring creativity in the kitchen, using her husband as her test subject. She’s just as happy reading or enjoying a tranquil stroll outdoors as she is dancing to her favorite songs. But she finds a uniquely deep contentment when enriching the world around her, whether that be by nurturing her garden or making her home more aesthetically pleasing.

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