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Cahuenga Pass is a sight of historic significance in that it is the site of two major battles, the Battle of Cahuenga Pass and the Second Battle of Cahuenga Pass or also known as the Battle of Providencia. Among the reasons for this is that it is the lowest pass through the mountains so that it was the best way to get through. Today, with no more wars being waged and with modern advances, the pass does not anymore feel like an ambush location for soldiers but has its fair share of homes. For whatever real estate needs you have in the area, JohnHart Real Estate is the best option.

Cahuenga Pass short sale listings offer a number of homes available for you to choose from. Make sure that you choose the best that you can find, at the location that will best suit your needs. As with the past, the pass still connects the Los Angeles Basin with San Fernando Valley but this time with Cahuenga Boulevard and Hollywood Freeway U.S. Route 101. That makes it easier for residents to reach Hollywood and nearby fun destinations. That will also work on your favor, should you want to sell your house. Buyers are attracted to convenience.

Try to look past the home value to see if your house is really worth keeping. If you are having mortgage problems and already suffer from bankruptcy or distressed loan, make sure to contact us so a real estate agent can assist you with the process.

Cahuenga Pass short sale may be necessary for foreclosure prevention or you could
always opt for loan modification. Working with JohnHart Real Estate, you will find a list of available homes and options for mortgage help so you won’t have to resort to foreclosure.

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