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The city of Burbank has what Hollywood lacks - a residential atmosphere. Miles away from the celebrated home of the stars lays the actual site of film-making, recording, and television. Near its rather quiet villages you’ll find plenty of studios offering delightful tours. With several places for behind-the-scenes action found nearby, even newcomers find it easy to acquire property and immediately settle in the area, especially with the help of a Real Estate Agent from our company, JohnHart Real Estate. On the other hand, if you’re a resident wishing to sell your underwater property, we can assist you in listing your property for short sale and have it sold under the best arrangements.

While the rest of Los Angeles County has celebrities and sought-after magical amusement parks, Burbank has studios; ideal for true television and movie fans. NBC along Alameda Boulevard offers studio tours throughout Monday to Friday. TA fun treks into the studio lots and soundstages await in Warner Brothers along Warner Boulevard. The largest and most visited back lot belongs to Universal Studios, in which trips resemble visits to an amusement park. There you will get to experience high-tech thrill rides, television tapings, and evening spectaculars anytime you wish by becoming one of Burbank’s residents. A Real Estate Agent from our company, JohnHart Real Estate, can help you secure the best property in the area.

The Media Capital of the World is home to at least 100,000 residents. There’s plenty of work everywhere, with companies like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Walt Disney adding to the growing list of employers. At one point it even went by the nick name ‘Beautiful Downtown Burbank’, serving as an excellent place for families that seek entertainment and progress. As such there are plenty of properties for sale, and there are also many who wish to seek to settle in the area.

Residents who have mortgage problems should be thinking about a solution, especially if they don’t want to leave the beautiful city. Those who are facing foreclosure should not go through the process alone. Tap into the expertise of our real estate agents, and know that there are several options available for you. After a short sale,we can even help you purchase another property in the shortest possible time frame. When it comes to avoiding a foreclosure or selling properties in Burbank, we can help you determine if you qualify for ashort sale incentive, and get you through the process with ease.

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