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Bard is a small town in Imperial County yet it has plenty of neighborhoods that make it ideal for starting families. Near the city are the areas of Ross Corner and several prominent towns. Its unique placement and emphasis on culture makes it one desirable small town for all types of settlers. Families who wish to raise their kids in such an ideal setting can seek the help of JohnHart’s real estate agents. A lot of new homeowners now benefit from the city’s community services, especially after a successful Berkeley short sale transaction. JohnHart’s real estate agents can also help existing current homeowners get out of their mortgage problems by discussing solutions such as loan modification programs. If you’re a homeowner and you’d like to get out of your mortgage problem, you can place your underwater property in the company’s long list of Bard short sales, and recover from impending bankruptcy.

With such a desirable outlook, it’s easy to understand why Bard short sales have been more than successful. Our company, JohnHart Real Estate, works with homeowners by offering mortgage help. Get the assistance you need with a solution that’s catered after your situation. Real estate agents work by discussing loan modification programs for foreclosure prevention. There’s no need to get distressed with your property, we understand and are willing to come up with real estate solutions with our short sales. Give us a call today and see what kind of assistance can be offered by our friendly team of short sale specialists.

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