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Northwest of Los Angeles is a city that’s perfect for those who want to live in a rustic yet charming retreat. The City of Arvin is bordered by the Bear Mountain, and primarily offers a haven within its agricultural community. Private dairies, plantation of grapes, oranges, almonds, potatoes, carrots, grain, and cotton provide numerous jobs for all of its satisfied residents. Arvin is more than ideal for those who wish to live with both city conveniences and the natural allure of a farmland. Plenty of parks, waterside activities, and public transportation options help attract both tourists and settlers into the city.

For families who wish to sample Arvin’s peaceful and quiet character should review the Arvin short sale listing from JohnHart Real Estate. Our real estate agents work as short sale specialists who can help newcomers find a property for less and help current homeowners sell their homes for short sales. Numerous homeowners have already sought for the help of JohnHart’s real estate agents when they decided to sell their homes at a slightly lower home value before foreclosure is placed on their permanent record. Homeowners facing mortgage problems are consistently under stress and at JohnHart Real Estate we value the importance of giving options and guidance.

Redevelopments in Arvin are well on their way, and job opportunities continue to grow. Homeowners can get back on their feet in no time in “The Garden in the Sun”, especially after completing a successful Arvin short sale. JohnHart’s real estate agents are always ready to explain loan modification programs made available to interested homeowners.

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