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Angelus Oaks, anchored steps away from a serene forest, is a small town with less than 500 residents. It is the perfect place to go and settle for those who love nature, the outdoors and enjoy such activities as hiking, camping and mountain climbing. The unincorporated town belongs to the San Bernardino County and offers a quaint downtown with favorable amenities such as a restaurant, a general store, two lodging houses and a school. It is the perfect place to be if you are the type who wants to forget the hustle and bustle of urban jungles.

Despite its laid- back nature, the town is serviced by JohnHart Real Estate which makes it perfect for those who are planning to acquire real estate properties. The company provides a qualified real estate agent who can inform you about the town and the properties available for sale under the Angelus Oaks short sale listing. Whether selling or a buying a property in the town, it is always best to contact our company. JohnHart Real Estate has options for those who want to sell but have mortgage problems and are facing bankruptcy. We will provide mortgage help services like loan modification and foreclosure prevention that allow your home value to be in a range that is to your advantage. Putting your home up on the Angelus Oaks short sale list is another option that you can try out which we will be more than glad to assist you with. All of the services JohnHart Real Estate has to offer are to your advantage.

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