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Cypress was originally nicknamed "Waterville" due to the preponderance of artesian wells in the area, but was incorporated under the name Dairy City in 1956 by local dairy farmers as a means of staving off developers and to preserve their dairies, much like the then-neighboring cities of Dairy Valley in Cerritos and Dairyland in La Palma. However, after World War II, the land became too valuable for farming or ranching, and the dairies gradually sold out to housing developers during the 1960s, so that by the 1970s, no dairies remained. Many of the dairymen moved their operations to Chino, where development is once again pushing them out of the area.

In 1957, local residents voted to change the name of Dairy City to "Cypress". The name was taken from Cypress Elementary School, originally built in 1895, which took its name from the Cypress trees planted to protect the schoolhouse from the seasonal Santa Ana winds. Cypress Elementary School also provided the name for new Pacific Electric Railway station on Walker Street at Lincoln Avenue when the Santa Ana Line was completed in 1906, as "Waterville" had already been used elsewhere in the system.

In 1981 the City of Cypress inaugurated an annual birthday celebration for the City. The event, the Cypress Community Festival, may currently be the largest single-day event of its kind in Orange County, California. The Cypress Community Festival is held annually on the 4th Saturday in July at Oak Knoll Park, located adjacent to the Cypress Community Center at 5700 Orange Avenue, between Valley View Street and Walker Avenue.

Short sales are definitely making their presence felt as a percent of total visible MLS inventory. More significant however, is the pricing these short sales are taking. Back in Q1 of 2010 for example, short sales made up roughly 25 percent of visible inventory but the pricing by banks did not show an interest in moving properties out quickly. The quality was also on the weaker side. Today short sales dominate the visible inventory but also the quality and the pricing is much more aggressive in the sense of moving properties.

If you are facing mortgage problems but do not wish to relocate in another city, you should consider a solution which will allow you to purchase another property in the area in the shortest time possible. Our team of real estate agents is composed of short sale specialists who can guide you through the process of selling your home. We can help you make an informed decision when it comes to preventing foreclosure sales.

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