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The town of Alta Loma is recognized as one of the mots prosperous areas in the San Bernardino County. Its vast land area is almost completely festooned with beautiful residential homes. Most neighborhoods are large and open to grand views of the snow-capped San Gabriel Mountains and Cucamonga Peak. Shopping malls, office buildings and manufacturing plants are also residents of the growing town. Schools offering elementary up to secondary education are also available which makes the town very
ideal for those raising families or beginning to.

Aside from its numerous urban amenities that make life easy to face and its breathtaking natural attractions like the Cucamonga Canyon, Alta Loma also plays host to a number of vineyards and historical attractions like the Demens-Tolstoy House, the Old Alta Loma Post Office and the Native American Ruins. These attractions are not only a favorite for home buyers but also to foreign and local tourists alike.

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