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Alhambra is the definition of a dream city packed with real estate opportunities. Placed in a strategic location within Los Angeles County, it is amidst the western part of the beautiful San Gabriel Valley and only eight miles from the pulsating downtown area of Los Angeles. Known historically as the "City of Homes", it boasts of properties that come with a variety of designs and historical significance. If you are planning to have your aspirations built in a historically-significant town that comes with the right urban amenities and the inviting country feel, then Alhambra is the perfect place to be.

If you are planing to purchase our Alhambra short sale listings is the ideal search engine. Our company, JohnHart Real Estate, values real estate agents which will guide you through the whole process and present some of the benefits of moving into certain areas of the city like access to reputable schools such as Platt College and the University of Southern California’s Health Sciences campus, as well as landmarks such as the Ramona Convent and Gateway Plaza Monument. This city is also not lacking in entertainment venues which include shopping centers, theaters, cinemas and not to mention the famous The Hat sign restaurant. One of the largest glass tile murals in Northern America is also located within the city’s boundaries.

Residents who are trying to sell their properties have the option for a short sale especially for those facing default mortgage problems and threatened with bankruptcy. Doing so often does not affect the home value which is considered a great benefit. Loan modification which can be an instrument for foreclosure prevention is also another source of mortgage help which can also be considered by distressed homeowners. Such options are all within easy reach at JohnHart Real Estate.

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