Top Billing Entertainment is Choreographing the Future of Theater from Glendora Village

All photos: Top Billing Entertainment One could be forgiven for wanting to lapse into song and dance when strolling down the topiary-lined streets of Glendora Village. But despite its splendor, Glendora is far from a Hollywood musical (literally about 35 miles give or take). Yet, there is one hallowed building where you’re not only free […]

The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles Want Their Song to Get Stuck in Your Head and Your Heart

Living in harmony has multiple meanings to the average member of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles. Of course, about seven seconds into any given performance, you’ll quickly recognize the “average” member of this storied vocal troupe is anything but average. You need serious pipes to qualify for inclusion among this elite collective of […]

Developmentally Disabled Adults Find Risks Are Their Own Rewards at Breaking Barriers

Adults with developmental disabilities don’t have it easy. But far too often in our society, this leads to people writing them off as helpless. Thankfully, a Los Angeles-area non-profit corporation is devoting themselves to helping developmentally disabled adults live their lives outside of the bubble to which they’re so often relegated. The organization is called […]

Vibrato Grill Jazz Finds a Unique Rhythm in LA Nightlife

Featured image credit: Vibrato At the nexus point of the San Fernando Valley, Beverly Hills, Westwood, and Brentwood stands a supper club Los Angeles residents recognize as a community fixture and hidden gem all at once. Established by legendary jazz trumpeter Herb Alpert, the swanky space is replete with his trademark sultry smoothness. Inviting, warm […]

Love You Latte: Lots to Love About This Exotic Glendale Coffee Shop

At the base of the NEXT on Lex Apartments stands Love You Latte, the Glendale coffee shop that’s frankly more than a cafe. Its physical position as a support for a residential building draws immediate parallels to its place in Glendale’s community. This full-service, family-owned establishment opened its doors during the early days of pandemic. […]