Los Angeles Architecture 101: Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture

Are you having deja vu? We’re having deja vu. But it’s understandable; Spanish Colonial Revival architecture is awfully similar to Mission Revival architecture, which we covered in our Los Angeles Architecture 101 series last May. And somewhere, an architect is fantasizing about strangling us for the oversimplification. In our defense, experts will surely agree that […]

Los Angeles Architecture 101: Mission Revival Architecture

Featured image credit: Keizers In our Los Angeles Architecture 101 series, we’ve yet to cover any of the “revival” styles. Yet revival architecture was a major part of a time popularly referred to as the Eclectic Movement. Revival styles involved contemporary resurgences of European and American (typically from the colonial period) architecture. Today, we’re specifically […]

Los Angeles Architecture 101: California Churrigueresque

Featured image credit: Geographer And you thought Googie sounded exotic. Try wrapping your tongue around Churrigueresque! Believe it or not, this somewhat obscure architectural style is just as overwhelming on the eyes as it is the mouth. Subscribing to the “more is more” philosophy of the Baroque aesthetic, Churrigueresque is a highly decorative sub-style of […]

Los Angeles Architecture 101: The Craftsman Home

Featured photo credit: Crafty In our second edition of Los Angeles Architecture 101, we ask ourselves: “Where do you go from Googie?” And after the fast-paced, forward-thinking, white-knuckle progress of Googie architecture, we feel like you’re ready for something completely different. So, we’re trading the neon arrows and retrofuturism for a design classic that prioritizes […]