Recreate Ru-Paul’s Iconic Kitchen on a Budget with these Luxury Home Decor Dupes

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Get luxury home decor for less! Ever fantasized about transforming your home into an exquisite, celebrity enclave? Sure, we’d all love to hire top artists and designers to takeover our space and transform it into the interior design masterpiece of our dreams. But let’s face it; IT’S EXPENSIVE! Rather than keep your head in the clouds, wishing for that day to come, we thought we’d help make it a reality…well, sort of. 

We searched the internet high and low for wallet-friendly home decor inspired by Ru Paul’s remarkable, Martyn Lawrence Bullard-designed kitchen. What we found was pleasantly surprising. Check out these incredible DUPES that will inspire you to manifest your ultimate kitchen and feel good about doing it!

Ru Paul’s Kitchen – Photo Credit:

Original: Corbett Lighting Pendants

Corbett Lighting Hexsation 12 Light 34″ Wide Pendant by Martyn Lawrence Bullard – Photo Credit:

These stunning, luxury home decor pendants designed by celebrity interior designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard make the perfect focal point to this space. These conversation pieces cost just under $10,000 each, so snagging a couple for yourself may not be feasible! Fortunately, we found some similar, eye-catching fixtures that are sure to impress but for a lot less:

Dupes: Wayfair Single Light Pendants: $176-$370

These hanging pendants from exude a similar geometric style for just a tiny fraction of the cost. We were delighted by all the incredible and unique lighting options Wayfair had to offer, but these three stood out above the rest. Hopefully you agree too!

Original: Custom Martyn Lawrence Bullard Atilier Stools

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Atelier stools – Photo Credit:

Picture yourself sipping tea with the queen of drag while nestled into one of these babies. Clearly not your typical bar stools! It’s hard to imagine replicating such unique luxury home decor wrapped in Schumacher Chaing Mai Dragon fabric, however, we found some budget-friendly stools we’re confident will still make a lasting impression…without making a huge dent in your bank account.

Dupe: Bed Bath and Beyond Velvet Counter Stools: $226.99

Photo Credit:

Wow, look at that sale price! Eating in style just got a lot easier with these whimsical Velvet Counter Stools from Bed Bath and Beyond. Featuring a rounded silhouette with French piping, the stain resistant seats are practical, fun, and funky. Just think about the potential to customize! Yes, we even sourced some cool, Asian Dragon Pattern fabrics to spark some creativity.

Original: Waterworks Faucet

Waterworks Faucets – Photo Credit:

Inspired by 1900’s industrial controls, Ru’s original Waterworks Faucets bring that old-school charm, but with a modern, luxe twist. If you can get your hands on these sparkling fixtures, you better be ready to drop at least $8,000! But just wait, we’ve got a savvy alternative that will still make you feel fancy while washing your hands:

Dupe: Kingston Brass Belknap Kitchen Faucet & Side Spray $526.47

Photo Credit:

While not exactly a “replica” of Ru’s Waterworks faucet, this Kingston Faucet from captures a similar vintage aesthetic. It even includes those 1900’s-inspired details. For under $600, we had to add this one to the list.

Original: Custom-Designed Floors

Photo Credit: Martyn Lawrence Bullard Instagram

At first glance you may have thought you were looking at custom luxury home decor vinyl or geometric patterned tiles, but if you take a closer look you’ll see that underneath all of the beautiful sculptural details in this over-the-top kitchen lies meticulously hand-painted flooring designed by…yes you guessed it, Martin Lawrence Bullard! Let’s see what Mayer Russ said about the handcrafted floors in his article for Architectural Digest:

These black and white pattern floors, designed by world renowned interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, were created for a special project, the RuPaul Residence in Beverly Hills, as seen in the lead cover story of the June 2023 issue of Architectural Digest. The client gave Martyn full reign, “We’ve always loved Martyn’s aesthetic, so we trusted him,” RuPaul says. “I said, ‘Go for it. I can go as far as your imagination will take us.’”

The bold and dynamic statement patterns play a star role throughout the house, bringing reference to design history with a fresh twist. – Mayer Russ, Architectural Digest

Now, if you’re not down for getting on your hands and knees, sanding, cleaning, and taping off an entire floor, to then carefully paint perfect black and white shapes without a smudge or streak in site…we get it. Painting can seem daunting on a 12” canvas let alone an entire floor. You know the drill, keep scrolling to see those money-saving alternatives!

Dupe: Home Depot Peel and Stick Flooring Starting at $1.25sqft

Photo Credit:

These peel and stick tiles from are wildly inexpensive, low maintenance, and perfect for those who may be a little intimidated by painting an entire mural underneath their feet. We highly recommend you take a look at all the cool patterns we found!

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