JohnHart Cares

Since its foundation, JohnHart Cares
has committed itself to a variety of social causes.
At JohnHart we believe that everyone needs help at one point in their life or another, and if we don't do our part to support them, then who will? Through this site we will announce the different events and charities we are working with and would love to have your support in our effort to aid those in need!
JohnHart has committed itself to a variety of social causes
Since its foundation, JohnHart has committed itself to a variety of social causes. First, JohnHart established relations with the City of Hope as the primary beneficiary for a number of fund raising methods. In our daily operation offices, profits coming from the vending machines are sent to City of Hope. And, JohnHart conducts company raffle games with proceeds going to City of Hope as well. Also, JohnHart conducts gift card drives to help families of the patients during holiday seasons.
Second, JohnHart also sponsors additional events such as Desi Geestman Foundation Pajama Party. Throughout the year, JohnHart supports blood drives with a number of nonprofit organizations, such as the Red Cross.
Furthermore, JohnHart sponsors food drives around holiday seasons in partnership with a number of food banks. JohnHart views the well being of the community as an essential part of business cycle. We invite you to become a contributor. Call JohnHart and ask how you can become part of this giving cycle.


At JohnHart Real Estate we do things differently, and in an industry as impacted as real estate, we believe we owe it to our agents and clients to do so.