Foreclosure Prevention

Here are a few reasons why short sales are beneficial:
We can get you "off the hook" for hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars in bad debt!
(See our "Success Cases" page as the "Total cash our short sale clients have saved")
Also keep in mind that if you have tax liens etc. on the property we will wipe those out in this deal! Saving you thousands more!
We keep you from having to deal with the stigma that comes from everyone finding out you were foreclosed on!
We make it so that you can avoid having a Foreclosure on your credit report, which could:
Make it hard for you to rent or buy anything for several years.
Cause your credit cards to be cut off, or at the very least cause your interest rates to increase up to 30%.
Interfere with you being hired for any new employment opportunities, especially if they involve money.
RELOCATION MONEY: (Shown on our "Success Cases" page as the "Total cash our short sale clients have receive")
Typically in a short sale the sellers receive no money, as they owe more than the property is worth; however one of the reasons people come to JohnHart is because WE ARE EXPERTS AT GETTING RELOCATION CASH! Sometimes as much as $30,000.00 can be negotiated from the bank as an incentive through the short sale process!
We can keep you in your property for a long time, and during this period of time you do not have to make payments on your mortgage!*
We will handle everything for you, making this process as safe, seamless, and painless as possible!

Through a short sale the bank agrees to accept less than the amount owed on the property, and lets you walk away without having to go through a foreclosure.

Total cash our short sale clients have saved
At JohnHart Real Estate we do things differently, and in an industry as impacted as real estate, we believe we owe it to our agents and clients to do so.