Sonia Samadi
Brand Ambassador

Sonia Samadi

About Sonia Samadi

Sonia is the Brand Ambassador at JohnHart. Sonia’s positive, passionate and personable personality naturally attracts the desired brand we strive to obtain daily at JohnHart. Determined to continuously make JohnHart an inviting atmosphere for Clients, Agents and Staff is her daily goal. Sonia’s creativity and business psychology allows her to mainstream JohnHart and shine its brightest.
Prior to starting with JohnHart, Sonia worked with one of the nation’s largest financial institutions for over a decade. She challenged herself to take on as many roles within different departments, so she could learn every aspect of the business. This allowed her to develop a strong foundation to the development of any business. Her business savvy approach doesn’t just stem from her career. She obtained her dual degree in Business Psychology and Management from the University of California, Irvine.
Sonia is passionate about making positive change and making others happy. Her social personality and creative views make it fun for her to represent a rapidly growing company, as JohnHart.

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