Derrick Harvey
Senior Photographer

Derrick Harvey

About Derrick Harvey

Derrick is a seasoned Photographer with 9 years of experience. He has worked in real estate photography, luxury automotive, concert and landscape photography. Derrick has learned that fine details matter and to go above and beyond to deliver the best to his clients. You should see his work! It’s amazing.

Not only is Derrick an experienced photographer, but also certified by Zillow. Which means he’s not going to have any problems with the 3D tours all of you will be asking for on your fabulous listings.

Over the years Derrick has lived and had great opportunities in Philadelphia, Las Vegas and currently Los Angeles. In his spare time he enjoys gardening and spending time with family. Derrick is dedicated to grow as a media professional and excited to be a part of JohnHart and join the Photography team.

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