Paul Pelow
Regional Manager

Paul Pelow

About Paul Pelow

Paul is a Regional Manager for JohnHart Real Estate. He supports our dedicated agents in the Palmdale, Valencia, and Northridge locations. Paul brings 19+ years of experience with customer service, sales, business development, account management, recruiting and as a consultant, from industries such as semiconductor, software sales & development, medical tech, consumer electronics, banking, and aerospace. He has worked with large corporations, as well as family owned start-ups, thriving in all environments while wearing multiple hats, creative and forward thinking, and having a ‘never give up’ mentality for success. His work ethic and world-class experience make for a very exciting time in making significant contributions to the JohnHart Real Estate team.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys traveling and camping with his wife and 3 kids. He is also very active in sports, currently in a bowling league, and regularly plays tennis, golf, and softball. He also has a passion for motorcycles, cars, and motor sports. At the age of 9, he built a custom hot rod with his father, that took almost 10 years. Having learned many mechanical skills from such an early age, he enjoys remodeling and other creative projects around the house.

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