Carrington Mortgage Services

Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC was founded in 2007. A subsidiary of Carrington Holding Company, Carrington Mortgage Services is one of California’s privately managed investment companies. If offers services such as loan servicing options and investment management. There are currently two loan servicing locations that support both borrowers and investors and provide mortgage loan services. Homeowners who want to preserve their ownerships find the Carrington Mortgage Services as an ideal partner. Families who want to stay in their current homes are the main customers of this trusted loan servicing company. If you’re experiencing difficulty in making ends meet to meet mortgage payments, CMS offers the right solution through its Making Home Affordable Modification Program. The company also offers help in avoiding foreclosure to those who desire to sell their homes. With the help of their efficient services, homeowners can either purchase a property refinance their existing mortgages.

JohnHart has had more than 500 successful short sales, and a part of them were done together with Carrington Mortgage Services. The company is a renowned Short Sale Expert and continues to deliver successful transactions. Homeowners wishing to avoid pending foreclosures will find the right answer in JohnHart’s short sales. Some of the benefits the real estate agents point out may include relocation money and safe transactions. Homeowners wishing to put their properties on a short sale and relocate at the shortest time possible will greatly benefit from the company’s current offerings. All you have to do is call us at 1-888-550-4440, and see how we can help.

Having worked on over

500 short sales

we have experience with just about every lender! Below is a list of the lenders we work with most frequently, but if you don't see your lender do not worry, just give us a call.


We're here to help!

A Few Reasons Why JohnHart Is The Right Answer For Your Short Sale

Relocation Money

RELOCATION MONEY: (Shown on our "Success Cases" page as the "Total cash our short sale clients have receive")

Keep You Secure

We can keep you in your property for a long time, and during this period of time you do not have to make payments on your mortgage!*

Typically in a short sale the sellers receive no money, as they owe more than the property is worth; however one of the reasons people come to JohnHart is because WE ARE EXPERTS AT GETTING RELOCATION CASH! Sometimes as much as $30,000.00 can be negotiated from the bank as an incentive through the short sale process!

We Do The Heavy Lifting

We will handle everything for you, making this process as safe, seamless, and painless as possible!

No Cost to You

And this is all at no cost to you! ALL of our fees are paid by the lender, and at the onset of the process we will even sign an agreement with you stating that you are responsible for $0.00 arising from this process!