PNC Mortgage LLC

PNC Mortgage LLC is among the best and largest financial services organization in the US. It specializes in loss mitigation but also offers various services and programs for its customers. A wide range of options are available, including construction lending programs, purchase and renovation loans, mortgage loans, Closing CostSaver Program, bridge loans, easy-to-own down payment assistance programs, and many others.

PNC Mortgage LLC offers customers with loans based on their credit ratings and capabilities to pay, with options especially created to cater to first-time buyers and those on a tight budget. The company also offers Fixed-Rate Mortgage (FRM) Programs, Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Programs, and the option to Lock Your Rate While Looking Options. This is the answer to all your foreclosure woes, a company that understands the needs of its clients. Whether you are planning on short sales or other finance options, the company is able to help out.

In the same way, the real estate agents of JohnHart, another premier company, are able to assist homeowners in putting their homes in the market. We can also help buyers find the best homes to suit their budget and preferences. We work closely with lenders like PNC Mortgage LLC, online software and processing companies such as Equator, buyers, and homeowners, helping all parties achieve their goals.

Worried about foreclosures and other financial problems regarding your home? JohnHart can help you in choosing the best options for prevention of foreclosures. Never have to worry again, even with distressed mortgages. Call us at 1-888-550-4440 for more information.

Having worked on over

500 short sales

we have experience with just about every lender! Below is a list of the lenders we work with most frequently, but if you don't see your lender do not worry, just give us a call.


We're here to help!

A Few Reasons Why JohnHart Is The Right Answer For Your Short Sale

Relocation Money

RELOCATION MONEY: (Shown on our "Success Cases" page as the "Total cash our short sale clients have receive")

Keep You Secure

We can keep you in your property for a long time, and during this period of time you do not have to make payments on your mortgage!*

Typically in a short sale the sellers receive no money, as they owe more than the property is worth; however one of the reasons people come to JohnHart is because WE ARE EXPERTS AT GETTING RELOCATION CASH! Sometimes as much as $30,000.00 can be negotiated from the bank as an incentive through the short sale process!

We Do The Heavy Lifting

We will handle everything for you, making this process as safe, seamless, and painless as possible!

No Cost to You

And this is all at no cost to you! ALL of our fees are paid by the lender, and at the onset of the process we will even sign an agreement with you stating that you are responsible for $0.00 arising from this process!