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Arleta has schools. One of the highest rated schools according to great schools is , with a rating of in . It has enrollment of students. This school in Arleta are part of .

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Arleta is a bustling district of Los Angeles that is anchored in the San Fernando Valley. It is home to small neighborhoods that invite the ambience of the country living and tons of amenities like recreational centers that parallel to what big cities offer. Residents who take refuge are allowed easy access to downtown Los Angeles as well as other neighboring districts because of two major freeways and several prime streets as well as boulevards. Some of the major come-ons of Arleta are its friendly residents and thriving economy that are good job sources. Public and private schools from elementary to secondary are also available and crime rate is rather low compared to national ratings making it a good place to raise a family.

So if you are among those wanting to own a home amidst a friendly area that offers all the necessary amenities but comes with the relaxing country ambience, then Arleta is the place for you. There are many real estate companies in the district that have a number of Arleta short sale listings to offer. One of the best is the JohnHart Real Estate in which we can provide our Arleta short sale list as a tool and a number of tenured and skilled real estate agents to your use.

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