The World’s Best Looking Couple is now The World’s Most Eligible. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are OVER…no more traveling, no more children, and most importantly no more renting/buying expensive real estate. This jet setting couple was known for their pricy real estate in all parts of the world. Below will be a list of […]

Makes Me Wonder!

Makes Me Wonder why Adam Levine cannot sell his newly remodeled Beverly Hills home. Adam Levine is once again making Real Estate headlines. Almost 2 months ago he listed his Beverly Hills manor up for sale at $17 million. Two months later, he reduces the asking price to $15.95 million. Will he decrease the price […]

The Ellen Show

The Ellen Show or The Real Estate Show? I think it’s time for the Day time TV Queen to have a segment on her appreciation for real estate. Preferably giving details about why she purchased the same home twice in the last decade. Ellen and her wife Portia Di Rossi quietly and off the market […]

Rockstars & Real Estate

Another day, another ex-wife, another new home! Rock-stars change homes as much as they change relationships. The latest rock star who wants to sell his home is Tommy Lee (ex-husband to Pamela Anderson). The estates location is in Calabasas, Ca where many celebrities decide to purchase homes. This home was bought back in April 2007 […]

SOLD! The Playboy Mansion Has a New Owner

The Playboy Mansion has been sold to next door neighbor Darren Metropoulous. Before you continue on with this article, click on the link to get all the details. ( Rumors were flying that Playboy Mansion would not be sold to businessman Darren Metropoulous, but sources confirmed that this was a fabrication. It seems that way […]