What to do with your Quaran-Time?

We are witnessing history in the making with this whole pandemic! I never thought we would EVER hear Disneyland (of all places) is closed. I never imagined sneezing in public would receive such glares or that small businesses would be as severely affected as they have been in the last few months. I never thought […]

Two glasses of champagne and the bottle in an ice bucket, with 2020 numbers and sparklers

New Years Away From Home!

We are stepping away from all the home décor talk to introduce 5 breathtaking travel spots to welcome the New Year!   Sydney, Australia Want to be the first to greet the New Year? Travel to Sydney, enjoy firework displays at the Sydney Harbour. Imagine having a backdrop of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge…. YES […]

Front door to a home, covered with garland, wreaths, and Christmas decor all around, while a brick path to the door is just barely perceptible among the heavy snow

Winter Home Decor

Want to get creative with your winter home décor? The Holiday season is known for traditions, especially those passed down through the generations. But every tradition starts somewhere, which is why we’ve put together some great tips for decorating your home this holiday season. Hopefully these ideas inspire you to start new traditions, build upon old traditions, […]

The Right Way to Home Feng Shui

Feng Shui (fēngshuǐ) is described as special rules about flow of energy, aimed at achieving synchronization within an environment. Are you curious to know a little more about how feng shui can symbolize positivity with slight alterations around the house? Follow the guide below for The Right Way to Home Feng Shui:   Front Door Entry […]

haunted house

The Perfect Haunted House

TRICK OR TREAT! Halloween is right around the corner. Having trouble figuring out how to decorate in time? Below is a list of 6 easy decorations that will make your house feel more haunted than ever! Web with Spiders – Front Door Entrance  For an added touch, decorate with pumpkins and candles.  Zombie Apocalypse – Outside the […]

fall decor

Autumn Home Décor Ideas

Red, Yellow, Orange and Brown leaves are falling from the trees which means its officially AUTUMN! We are welcoming Autumn by introducing some Home Décor Ideas that will coincide with the new season. Every home entrance needs a unique design to welcome friends & family into your home!       All you need is […]

Networking Ideas to Increase Relationships!

Do you want to grow your business around the community? Networking is the key to establishing strong relationships that will be beneficial in the future. An acquaintance may eventually want to sell their property and you will be the first person that comes to mind – if you do your job correctly. How? Get out there […]