Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day in LA at Your Fav Local Irish Pub and Beyond

On March 17th, the green beer flows like the raging LA River to the thirsty revelers of Los Angeles. And thanks to the rainfall, this is the only year we can use that comparison, so we hope you enjoyed it! With St. Patrick’s Day falling on a Friday, your local Irish pub will no doubt be packed to the gills. Fortunately, there are a few places pulling out all the stops to make it worth the hassle. Here are a few ways you can spend your St. Patrick’s Day in LA. 

Get an Early Start at Tom Bergin’s

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The early bird catches the hangover… or so is the case with Tom Bergin’s. If you’re planning on getting an early start on your…uh, festivities, it’s worth noting that this classic local Irish pub will be welcoming patrons starting at 6am on St. Patrick’s Day. That notorious hour is typically the Drawing Room’s domain, but we suppose they can share for one day. 

All joking aside, Tom Bergin’s serves up a full Irish breakfast that will bring a tear to your eye faster than “Danny Boy.” Their Irish coffee is also celebrated by Angelenos in the know. 

Expect Tom Bergin’s to up the ante around noon when three outdoor bars will pop up. Just in time for you to test your workplace’s two-drink maximum lunch break! There will also be live music (including bagpipes!) and a DJ. 

Follow the Sound of Bagpipes to the Farmer’s Market

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We’ll take any excuse to drop by the Original Farmer’s Market. But things are getting a little more special on St. Patrick’s Day… and a lot more green. Make your way over to Magee’s Kitchen for fare befitting the holiday. They’re promising plenty of corned beef, cabbage, and yes, that coveted green brew. 

Magee’s isn’t the only place to wet your whistle at the Farmer’s Market. You can also find sudsy sustenance at E.B.’s and Bar 326, making it a mini pub crawl. We’re told that Glen, the strolling bagpiper, will also be making the rounds. So, expect a soundtrack to staining those lips green. 

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize at Paperback Brewing Co.

We have it on good authority that the 3rd annual “St. Paperback’s Day” shindig is happening at Paperback Brewing Co. If you’re unfamiliar with this Glendale gem, then here’s all you need to know. Paperback Brewing Co. takes great pride in their house brews and their food vendors. This is doubly important because rumor has it their partner food truck, Bun and Blanket, is working on a special St. Patrick’s Day menu.

The Glendale brewery is also handing out prizes and giveaways to the luckiest patrons all night… even free beers. So, if you feel the luck of the Irish is on your side, it’s a safe bet. 

Pick Your Favorite Local Irish Pub

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There is no shortage of Irish pubs in Los Angeles. In fact, it feels like no matter where you are in the city, there’s a solid option just a block away. So, no need to chase rainbows to find your pint of gold. While you’re probably better off just doing a search for “Irish pub near me” in Google, we’ll get you started with a handful of local favorites.

Make Your Own Green Beer

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There’s always something to do in LA. That’s why often the hottest ticket in town is simply staying home. If you’d fancy a St. Patty’s Day in, you can easily make your own green beer to rival that offered by your local Irish pub. 

Simply pour yourself a pint (pale is best if you’re concerned about presentation). Then, mix in a couple drops of blue food coloring. That’s right, blue. Blue mixes with the amber coloring to make a rich green color. Just don’t overdo it… sometimes even two drops feels like overkill.

Then, cue up your favorite Irish comfort viewing. You could ride the awards comedown by firing up The Banshees of Inisherin. Or, if you’re looking for some seasonal comedy, old episodes of Father Ted always do the trick. Ultimately, you know best what will keep those Irish eyes smiling. And best of all: no Irish goodbyes at the end of the night! 

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