The Top 25 Agents of Q3 2022

In a rapidly transforming real estate landscape, there’s really only one rule you can count on with certainty: anything is possible. This group of agents turned unpredictability into an art form over our 3rd quarter. No one could think on their feet quite like them. Don’t take our word for it; their numbers prove it. 

They’ve rolled with the punches, pulled intuition from empathy, and navigated their way to the oasis. And this was against the odds holding the broken compass this unpredictable market handed to them. 

That’s right, folks, this quarter virtually blindfolded our agents and they’re still out here smashing records like it’s just another day. When you tell some professionals that anything is possible, they think the worst. But these agents just heard “potential.” And as this list indicates, they took this potential and made big things happen.

01. Haik Bokhchalian and Associates

02. The LA Agents

03. Albert and Roubina

04. Raffi Soualian and Associates

05. Silvia Hairapetian and Hovik Yepremyan

06. Karl Markarian and Associates

07. Alex Matevosian

08. Linda Ojeda and Associates

09. Manny Morales

10. Melissa Urena and Associates

11. Tom Onogi

12. The Padilla Group

13. Lissette Cee Carretero

14. Rafael Gevorkian / RG Realty Group

15. Marine Janikyan

16. Robbyn Battles

17. Blas Property Group

18. Sonia V. Avila

19. Andre Pashai

20. Kevin Makoyan

21. Michael Melik-Bakchian & Associates

22. Diego and Elizabeth Escobar

23. Nesrin Homes

24. Grace Kim

25. Izabell Manukyan & Nick Khachian (tied)

Make sure to reach out and congratulate these outstanding agents who rose to the challenge in a quarter that redefined possibilities. It wasn’t an easy quarter for anybody, no matter how they made it look. Congratulations!

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