24 Curb Appeal Ideas to Make Your House the Most Alluring on the Block

You shouldn’t just consider curb appeal when selling your home. Rather, it should be a part of your lifestyle. You’re living in your home, so why not enjoy it? Outstanding curb appeal doesn’t just welcome guests. It welcomes you home after a long day. So, if you want to make sure you’re making the most of your personal palace, consider some of these 24 curb appeal ideas we’ve assembled for you. Some are as simple as a trip to your local hardware store. Others are involved projects that can cost you considerable time and money. But the results are always spectacular. 

(01.) It’s Easy to Upgrade Hardware

We get it; you’ve gotten used to those rusty house numbers, the blinking light fixture, and that squeaky wall-mounted mailbox. But those are still part of someone’s first impression of your home. Fortunately, replacing hardware that’s passed its prime is one of the easiest curb appeal ideas. 

curb appeal ideas raise home values and rejuvenate appearance
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(02.) Instantly Gratifying Curb Appeal Ideas: Updated Exterior Lighting

Your home likely already has some sort of outdoor lighting. But if it doesn’t reflect the style you want, you may want to give it an update. New exterior lighting is one of the most rewarding curb appeal ideas and can turn even a ho hum yard into a nocturnal wonderland. 

(03.) The Magic of Moonlighting

When homeowners consider curb appeal ideas for lighting, they almost exclusively think of uplighting (lighting from the ground up). But you can really make your home stand out with some tasteful moonlighting. No, we don’t mean the sitcom that made Bruce Willis a household name (anyone?); we mean a technique of lighting downward. Adding light fixtures into your trees can create a beautifully magic glow that few of your neighbors would even think to incorporate. 

(04.) Keep the Porch Popping with Patio Furniture

A front porch without patio furniture is a sad porch. Luckily, you can get full sets without breaking the bank. Seeing some cozy benches and chairs symmetrically positioned on your porch will make any home more attractive. It also gives you the perfect place to relax and admire your handiwork. 

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(05.) Let Your Curb Appeal Ideas Grow with a Garden

If you were blessed with a green thumb, count a verdant garden among your best curb appeal ideas. And even if you aren’t agriculturally blessed, it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot. Some sort of plant life is integral for curb appeal. Whether you xeriscape with succulents and cacti or go a full landscaping route, you should grace your yard with some manicured nature.

(06.) Shear Those Shrubs

Keeping with the garden theme, if you have shrubs, you’ll want to keep those well-manicured. You don’t have to go full topiary (although who doesn’t love sculpted flora), but you don’t want unruly bushes cramping your curb appeal. Keep it neat! 

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(07.) For Those About to Rock…

You might be surprised at how much a well-placed boulder can do for your curb appeal. That’s right: rocks. Not stepstones. Not tiles. Rocks. But they can help reduce excessive negative space while not weighing down your other curb appeal ideas by being too busy. 

(08.) Tiling an Entry for One Last First Impression

An entryway can take on a whole new character with some tiling. Whether you’re choosing something exotic or simple yet welcoming, your tile entry will often be a guest’s last impression before entering your home proper. So make it count! 

(09.) Guide Your Guests with a Walkway

People love guidance. Therefore, you can bet that creating a walkway to your front entry is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. You can do this simply enough with stepstones or opt for a more complex tile walkway. Add in some shrubs and lighting for something truly special! 

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(10.) Fresh Paint for Fresher Looks

Chipping paint and stains on your house’s facade are a real curb appeal-killer. So, if you’re suffering from either of the above, consider a new paint job. Even a fresh couple of coats on the siding alone can rejuvenate your home. Just choose your color wisely! 

(11.) A High Pressure Curb Appeal Idea

Happy with your paint job but not so much with persistent stains defacing your home? It might be time to rent a pressure washer. Of course, a thorough pressure washing is one of those curb appeal ideas that can be used for more than siding. You can use it to freshen up driveways, walkways, and more. 

(12.) Everybody Loves an Accent… and Some Well-Installed Shutters

Adding shutters and accents to your home’s facade can give it an extra flourish that leaves quite an impression. It’s not the simplest or most affordable of our curb appeal ideas, but it really elevates a home’s attractiveness. Make sure to choose colors that compliment your house. 

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(13.) The (Painted) Door to Prime Curb Appeal

It seems every street has “the house with the red door.” So why isn’t it you? A tastefully painted door can go a long way toward curb appeal mastery. And it’s also one of the simplest, most affordable curb appeal ideas on our list. Of course, it doesn’t have to be red. Pick the color that speaks to your sensibilities. 

(14.) Simple Symmetry

Our gaze loves a symmetrical face, so you can bet that goes for a home too. A bit of symmetrical planning can add an extra dimension to your curb appeal. Whether you use seating, lighting, or plants, try to keep symmetry at the forefront of your arrangements.

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(15.) Make Your Garage All the Rage

If you have a garage, your garage door likely takes up a major amount of your yard’s visual real estate. Therefore, you want to keep your garage door looking its best. You can choose from a plethora of curb appeal ideas for garage doors including adding a fresh coat of paint, installing new fixtures, or going the affordable route with decals and magnetic accessories.

(16.) Use Curb Appeal Ideas to Create a Front Yard Gallery

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so adding outdoor art to your yard can be tricky. But your opinion should outweigh those of any passersby. It’s your house, after all! So, are you the type to want a water fountain? Do you find beauty in classical statues? How about ornate plant holders? There are a seemingly inexhaustible amount of curb appeal ideas that incorporate outdoor art… so get creative!  

(17.) Detailing Those Railings

If you have a porch that could do with a little love, consider replacing the railings. This shouldn’t just be a cosmetic concern. Railings that are past their prime can be a safety hazard. Choose some updated railings that elevate your home’s aesthetic while keeping your family secure! 

(18.) Make Time to Smell the Flowers with Window Boxes

If you want to see the essence of spring whenever you look out your window, consider installing window boxes. These window-centric plant holders look just as fantastic from the inside of your house as the outside. Just make sure you choose flowers that meet your green thumb (or lack thereof). 

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(19.) Add Some Bite with a Bit of Bark (or Mulch)

You can add an extra dimension of depth to your garden, trees, and shrubs by giving them a bed of mulch or bark. It’s a simple, yet surprisingly effective curb appeal solution. Not all mulches are created equal, so make sure you invest in a top tier product. Your plants depend on it! 

(20.) Get Your Mind in the Gutter (and the Downspouts)

Old gutters and downspouts can take on a weather-beaten look devoid of charm. If it’s in your budget, replacing your gutters and downspouts with contemporary models can do wonders. However, if you can’t afford a full overhaul, make sure to scrub them regularly. Filthy gutters will drastically tank curb appeal.  

(21.) Invest in Future Curb Appeal by Planting Trees

Planting trees: it’s not just for Arbor Day anymore. Adding trees to your front yard can infuse a majestic magic into your curb appeal. And in the future, when those trees are fully grown, their shade can help reduce your power bill. Of course, this assumes they’re not blocking any solar panels. So, make sure to plan for the long term when planting your trees. 

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(22.) Build a Perimeter Fence

You may feel like a fence is counterintuitive to curb appeal. Yet, for some homes, a perimeter fence can be a real saving grace. It also adds security for pets and children, not to mention privacy for the whole family. Fences aren’t the most affordable of our curb appeal ideas. But if a fence seems right for your situation, it will likely be worth every penny. 

(23.) If You Like It, Put a Wreath On It 

A winter or autumn wreath may seem like just a standard seasonal decoration. But wreaths can really add an extra touch that shows you care about your home’s aesthetic. You can either choose from store bought options or get creative by trying to make your own. But once that wreath is hanging from your door, your guests will certainly feel welcome.

(24.) Nothing Says “Welcome” Quite Like a Welcome Mat

You’re not going to be the most welcoming home on the block without a welcome mat. This one is so simple and intuitive compared to our other curb appeal ideas that we almost didn’t include it. But we’d feel remiss if you were to run through every idea on this list and forget a doormat. Just make sure to choose one that reflects your home’s aesthetic! 

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