VOTE for Your 2021 Person of the Year

JohnHart Person Of the Year 2021 Poll

Every year we announce two prestigious honors. One being the title of Agent of the Year, which is based on transactions throughout the year. The other being the Person of the Year which is based on YOUR votes. The Person of the Year is all about being an individual who both embodies our core values but is also a loud and proud sounding board for them. A person who embraces, lives and breathes the JohnHart spirit.

Today, you are here to vote for your Person of the Year for the year 2021! Be sure to make your pick based on someone that is mission-drive, vision-driven, upholds high standards and respectable values, is a leader amongst their peers, and above all, is a true JohnHart cheerleader that emanates our motto: “One For All, All For One.”

Time to cast your vote…

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