HOME TIPS: Avoid Bad Feng Shui in 2021

Modern sellers are using every strategy to gain an advantage over their competitors since more and more homeowners— even real estate agents—are paying closer attention to the little details and use of good feng shui: an ancient Chinese practice that brings balance and harmony with nature to your house. Here are a few ways you can avoid bad feng shui, increase your home’s value, and help your property sell faster in the current market.

1. Improve your curb appeal

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The saying “first impressions are everything” plays a big role here. The pathway to your front door should be cleared of dead plants and excessive bushes/plants. A feng shui house should encourage the flow of good energy through the entire house rather than blocking it with large trees and trash bins, so remember to store away your bins after they have been emptied and try not to schedule open houses on days that are garbage pick-ups. Also, remember to clean your windows since they are considered eyes to your home.

2. Warm and welcoming interiors

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It is believed that feng shui energy mainly focuses on three central areas: bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. All three areas contribute to determining the feng shui quality of your house. Cleaning frequently and promptly to remove cluttered corners ensures a smooth energy flow.  Remember to let in plenty of natural light by using opening your blinds and moving anything in front of your windows that may block sunlight. A bright natural lit interior always feels warm and welcoming.

3. Create visual space indoors

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When you make the decision to put your home on the market, you also need to start creating empty spaces and pack away excessive small personal items. Putting away valuable pieces, photo frames, and small decorations is peace of mind for yourself when having open house walk-throughs, but it also helps the buyer visualize their own belongings. It can also make the house itself look larger!

4. A small table for your entryway

Table and mirror in modern entryway
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The entryway is known to mark the change from a public to a private space. Therefore, ensuring a positive transition is of great importance. Putting a small table here reveals the compassionate aspect of your character as the owner. This table also provides real estate agents with a good place to leave the listing flyers. You can also provide a small acrylic holder for the business cards or fill it up with chocolates.

5. A pleasant smell indoors

candle that is burning. Scents are important for good feng shui.
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In feng shui theory (and in general), smells hold a more powerful memory than visuals. Potential buyers will not feel at ease when entering a house filled with bad smells or chemical air. Studies show that people tend to be appealed by scents of earth elements’ origin. Try using fresh flowers and green plants to provoke a sense of freshness during the warmer months and candles with scents like cinnamon apple or pumpkin spice in the colder months for a more cozy and warm feeling.

6. Pay attention to the placement of mirrors

Mirror in room with good feng shui
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One of the most popular feng shui real estate tips is to properly arrange mirrors in your home. Generally, feng shui experts do not recommend placing a mirror directly across the front door, but rather on a wall perpendicular to it. It is also advised to avoid placing mirrors in your kitchen – especially if they are facing the stove – because this placement is believed to host negative energy. Instead, placing a mirror in your dining room represents your capacity to hold wealth.

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