The Hottest Bathroom Design Trends of 2021

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Bathrooms are often overlooked but they are so much more than a closet with a commode. A bathroom can be an important room that reflects on the rest of your house. You can make a statement in your guest bathroom to impress visitors. You can prioritize relaxation in the master bathroom to help you unwind. Whether your design style is bold, classy, minimal, or all of the above, these modern trends in bathroom design for 2021 can be easy for anyone to implement into their own home.

Soaking tubs

Photo of bathroom with deep soaking tub that fits cleanly in the space. Shows bathroom design trends.
Photo by HausPhotoMedia.Com on Unsplash

With the rise in interest for self-care after a stressful year, it’s no wonder that deep soaking tubs are one of the top bathroom trends for 2021. Space-saving tubs with depth are particularly trendy; when most people opt for a large shower but still want a luxurious bath, finding a tub that is deep but not too large is the perfect combination. Popular baths this year have been squared, round, and corner baths, and often luxuriously deep for the perfect soak.

Smart tech

Bathroom in grey and white with bathtub and smart toilet, a bathroom design trends of 2021
Photo by bialasiewicz via Envato Elements

You may have seen our recent article about smart home technology, but did you know that bathrooms are getting increasingly “smarter” in 2021? It’s true: one of the major trends in bathroom design is incorporating tech. We are seeing a huge increase in smart tech like de-misting mirrors, integrated charging ports, LED temperature displays, app-connected scales, and even smart toilets.

Backlit mirrors

bathroom mirror with led backlight, bathroom design trends.
Photo by Sanibell BV on Unsplash

A simple yet beautiful upgrade you can make to your bathroom to stay on-trend is the backlit mirror or medicine cabinet. While you can purchase mirrors that have these lights built-in, you can also add LED lights to your already existing mirror or cabinet. It’s a flattering soft glow for anyone using the mirror, but also adds an element of modern sophistication to your vanity or sink.

Botanical elements

bath tub surrounded by green plants
Photo by Lisa Moyneur on Unsplash

Adding some lush foliage and blooms to your bathroom may be a great and simple way to spruce it up. Botanical elements can be incorporated by adding plants to the space. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, botanical artwork or wallpaper is also a highly trendy addition. Plants will love the moisture from your bathroom, and it will keep it feeling zen and peaceful.

Heated floors

A happy toddler boy with a toothbrush sitting on the floor in the bathroom at home.
Photo by halfpoint via Envato Elements

No longer must we suffer from putting our bare feet on the freezing cold tile in the morning! A top bathroom design trend is installing heated floors. If the idea of your feet touching a warm floor when you step out of the shower sounds cozy, this may be a trend you want to check out. This feature may need to be professionally installed, but radiant heated flooring can be a wonderful added luxury to your tile or hardwood bathroom floor.

Bold colors & bold hardware

a trendy sink in front of a bold blue tile wall
Photo by Daniela Gisin-Krumsick on Unsplash

One big trend we’re seeing is to have fun with your bathroom and go bold. Install a unique basin sink, pair with a fun-shaped mirror, and compliment with a bright color tile, wallpaper, or paint. Sink and bath fixtures can also be fun and bold with geometric handles or colorful finishes. Bold bathrooms are sure to impress and bring a smile to the face of all who see it!

Japanese influences

a bathroom with japanese inspired elements
Photo by NELbali Photography on Unsplash

Japanese design elements are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms for their beauty and tranquility. Japanese-style design is minimalist with clean lines, lots of wood detailing with light wood finishes, and colors are typically breezy whites and greys. Other features might include a spa-style bath, large windows around the tub or the shower that make it feel like you are sitting outside, pebble flooring, and as previously mentioned, plants. If you want your bathroom to feel like a peaceful escape, this may be the trend for you.

Dramatic and dark

Luxurious bathroom interior with shower and dark tiles
Photo via

Here’s a trend that feels very modern, but we love to see it: dark and dramatic bathrooms. This isn’t for everyone, of course, but it gives a clean and minimal appearance without it being sterile white. Moody palettes of greys and blacks are very “in” and can be used in either flat paint or glossy tiles. However, you may want to pair this trend with the backlit mirror trend so that you have enough light to properly see yourself when you’re getting ready. If you want a cool, moody bathroom, try adopting this trend.

Which of these bathroom trends of 2021 calls your name? Do any of these trends surprise you? Let us know! See more bathroom inspiration in our gorgeous homes that are currently available.

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